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S02.E15: The Quick and the Wed

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From IMDB: "Wallace's new girlfriend Jane enlists Veronica's help when her older sister Heidi appears to be a "runaway bride," but the clues suggest something possibly more disturbing happened on the way to the altar. Meanwhile, Keith and Veronica decide that they have no choice but to go to Sheriff Lamb with the evidence they've uncovered about the bus crash. Later, Kendall has a tempting offer for Aaron Echolls."

I like the central mystery here. I think it's a fun one. I love the ending. So great. That family was full of douche canoes and Heidi is way better off without them.

I find knowing the end of this season makes me care less about all the maguffins of who could have been responsible for the crash, especially the Jackie's dad storyline because I feel like it never made that much sense that he would have done it in the first place.

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This is definitely a fun, diversionary episode.  I love watching Heidi ham it up at the wedding.  I also love how wrong Veronica is about every turn of the mystery, but it's not because she's inept.  It's just a case where everything that could go wrong does, in the most innocuous way.  

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I agree, Heidi is much better off without that family. And I will be so happy to see the end of Hannah in the next episode. I just really disliked that storyline. Of course, I dislike the

Parker and Logan storyline

in Season 3, so I think we can all see what my issue is here...

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It looked like this episode must have originally aired after a bit of a hiatus/break with such a long/detailed "previously" that completely recapped the bus crash story.


Pretty devious plan of Vinnie's, too bad Veronica always messes him up. 


Yeah, still don't believe Jackie's dad did it either, why in heck would he?


Interesting information about the incorporation.  I guess that's what Beaver is banking on?  And what was it that Kendall put in Duncan's drain?


I can understand why Logan did that, but deep down he is a nice guy and I could tell he's really conflicted about hurting Hannah.

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