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S02.E13: Ain't no Magic Mountain High Enough

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From IMDB: "Veronica loses all $12,000 for her class's senior trip when a cash box in her possession is stolen at the school carnival. As accusations fly, Veronica, rather surprisingly, finds herself defending Jackie. Meanwhile, Beaver stands up to Dick, and Logan meets a bright girl named Hannah."

Ok, I absolutely love this one. I love the money plot and Clemmons believing Veronica constantly and doing what she suggests all while that mean teacher questions him. Sure it takes Veronica a few guesses to get it right, but when she does it's great. I love that she knew Weevil was responsible in the end but didn't out him because she sees it as a win win. I love Beaver and Mac holding hands and how sweet Mac is to him while Dick is being, well, a dick. More than anything though I love Logan's story. I totally fell for him flirting with Hannah and bought that she might just be a real rebound and the reveal at the end that her dad is the "witness" is so great and terrible at the same time. 

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This is quite possibly my favorite episode of the season, at least in terms of Veronica's snarky one-liners and general hammy attitude.  It looked like she was having a lot of fun, which I always enjoy.

There's also a lot here that hints at future stuff.  While I think Mac and Beaver are super cute, too, I think

the moment when Dick grabs Beaver and he says "Remember Sally?" is really ominous.

Alas, I don't feel all warm and fuzzy about Logan and Hannah.  I think Hannah might actually be the worst.  There's something about her that makes my skin crawl.  I can't put my finger on it...I hate her?  I think her line delivery is awful, awful, awful, and her baby voice feels forced.  She's on the show too long, plot point or not.

That being said, the moment where Veronica puts together who Hannah is and how she's connected to Logan?  Priceless.

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I agree that Hannah might be the literal worst, however I never know if it's just me hating Logan's new lady or if she's really the worst so hearing you feel the same way @clemmyb makes me feel more normal! Thanks! I've never seen the actress in anything else so I'm not sure if it was a really strange character choice or if it's how she acts. Either way you're right, she's around too long even though she's important to the plot. 

"Remember Sally" is very ominous. It didn't clue me into anything the first time around, other than Dick is a dick and Beaver is his punching bag though. I was absolutely floored by the end of this season.

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Yay, Hannah haters unite! Not a fan. It's always a relief when the end of the episode comes and you see that her dad is the shady doctor. Until that point, it's like, "Why is Logan so immediately smitten with this dishrag?"

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I didn't mind Hannah! I thought she was cute, in a generic kind of way, and it was nice to see Logan be sweet with her.

This episode is great: Weevil gets to be an evil mastermind while also being self-righteous around his niece, Jackie is nice and sympathetic, Logan gets to be likable, Mac and Beaver have fun at a fair and embarrass Dick, Veronica gets to be super-snarky in solving a mystery instead of just manning a slushee stand, the guy right on her tail for the Kane scholarship goes and presumably disqualifies himself for it, Clemmons gets to trust Veronica and be vindicated for it....

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So its great that Veronica was right all along as to where the money box went, she just was a little too slow. And Weevil managing to stay just one step ahead of her was priceless. 


Nice comeuppances on both the teacher and Veronica's "nemesis" and fun to see Clemmons listening to everything Veronica says.


So there's more to Hannah, eh?  Did Logan know who she was when he started flirting with her?  I thought I recognized the dad, but didn't quite connect it at first.  She seems pretty real and nice, so I'm curious as to how that plays out.


Also, I presume there's more to come as to the tagging paddle.

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This is one of my favorite eps, if for no other reason than Veronica's hair is the exact length it should be always!  Yes, shallow, I know.  But she looks fabulous.  And I really liked Jackie this ep.  Also Weevil's little niece was adorable.

Logan/Hannah were interesting.  She was very sweet and trusting, and they had chemistry.  I think that relationship revealed that he isn't as bad as he thinks he is.  He tried to manipulate a sweet girl to his own ends and ended up falling for her.  Unfortunately, due to his machinations, that relationship was doomed to fail.

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