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Luke Cage: He's Got Power, Man.

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He's a handsome dude, but I find that the shaven head/goatee thing is a look that's just a bit too common with African-American men on TV. Of course, this is also the look of modern Luke Cage, so I guess he's had to go with it.


I think he's got some nice charisma, while still having the character hold a lot back. Their relationship being built on lust as well as a sense of potential kindred spirits is far more convincing than the sort of star-crossed lovers bullshit that television usually tries to sell.

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Big fan of Mike Colter from Ringer and The Good Wife.  Yes, I loved the show Ringer.  Was sad that it was cancelled after only one season.  Mike also had chemistry with Sarah Michelle Gellar.  In my opinion, he's a very good actor that can create chemistry with multiple leads.  Mike is really having a prolific career!


I've not seen Mike with hair since 2010.  Did it occur to you that he might actually be bald?

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Colter got a lot of criticism on this very forum for his acting in Jessica Jones.


I didn't notice it being bad acting.  I didn't notice his acting at all, honestly.


The character was a valuable part of the story and building out the neighborhood and Jessica's life.  I guess you can be cynical and say they were just setting him up for his own series.  But I think Luke stands on his own as a needed supporting character in this series.

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I think anyone who has seen The Good Wife knows what a powerful actor Mike Colter is and how charismatic and engaging he can be.  Maybe for those critics who think he's too subtle and background (etc.) maybe this is deliberate to have JJ front and centre.  I don't know.  I never have any issues with his acting; I've liked him on all three shows.

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