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Best & Worst Makeovers in Top Model History

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We've had 21 cycles of makeovers and wondering what you guys think are the best and worst makeovers ever.


I say hands down the worst ever is Molly O'Connell's from C16. The hair designer was right she looked like twisted sister and don't know what Tyra was thinking cause that was just atrocious. Look at that, it's so FUGLY. They couldn't get hair with better texture? Tyra couldn't see that Molly's real hair is really fine and couldn't handle that type of weave. 



Runner up would be Brittany from C8, that weave was just a nappy mess. That did her no favors at all. 



Ann & Jennipher from C3 with the blonde hair. It really washed out their features and didn't help them at all. Ann looks sooo much better as a brunette and see why she went back to her brunette color because it really suits her. I can't get the photos because they're too big.


Brenda from C14, something about it just didn't work, it made her look old. They should have given her the makeover from the photoshoot where she was nude.



Tyra should have gave her this:




We can't forget Tootie Fruity now can we?




My favorites are:


Brittani from C16, I absolutely loved the makeover, it reminds me of Anna Williams from Tekken games



Shandi from C2, it really transformed her



Nik from C5, I love when her hair is bushy and the color was good for her. I can see why she straightened it and maybe some curls because bushy it might be a bitch to manage.




Hannah C16, I was envious of her hair, she has like dream hair, hair you would see in shampoo commercials, so glad Tyra didn't do much with her hair besides a little color.


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One of my favorite makeovers was Fo from C11. She really transformed from pretty girl at the mall to a model with the short haircut.

Worst makeover... Hmmm there are too many to name. The most recent travesty is probably C21 Denzel's glue-on beard.

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I always liked Mollie Sue's pixie cut the best--it was the first time Tyra picked the right girl for that 'do, and she worked it right on into a real modeling career after she was cut way too early in her season.


I can't really argue with Brittany and Molly for the worsts, although Ebony from C5 with the long braids was pretty bad.

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Worst (from cycles 1-12)


I actually didn't think there were any really bad ones in the first cycle. Some were too safe, but none that made the wearer look worse than what they came in with. 


Heather (C2) - what makeover? they kept her looking commercial and bland. I think she could have looked killer with super straight dark hair (maybe in a precise bob), or else a strong pixie cut.

Ann (C3) - she was stunning as a brunette, the skunk stripes did her no favors

Amanda (C3) - unpopular opinion, but I thought the blonde was too yellow and made her look cheap and stripper-like. If it was a true platinum, I think it could've worked, but I actually think she was more stunning with the reddish/brown shade she started with.

Michelle (C4) - I think she looked beautiful as a brunette, with her light eyes and pale skin. The yellow blonde brought out the pink tones in her skin and made her look blotchy and cheap.

Keenya (C4) - towards the end, her hair was a damn mess, and it's clear she didn't know how to style it AT ALL

Kahlen (C4) - gonna throw her in for her cheap looking extensions

Diane (C5) - mumsy

Ebony (C5) - LOL....poor Ebony.

Bre (C5)- I actually prefer her with short hair. The weave made her look plain and boring.

Jade (C6) - I can't even hate on this too much because it was met with hilarious results. 

Megg (C7) having seen how stunning she is in her post-show work, I think the show did her a horrible disservice by giving her that mess of a weave. Her face is strong and didn't need to be framed by all that ratty hair.

Brit (C8)- I don't think much needs to be said about this travesty. I will never understand why they use budget weave - and why use weave at all for the white girls? Wouldn't bonded extensions look more natural and last longer?

Natasha (C8) Just so bad. SO SO BAD. She was gorgeous before. Dying her hair darker would have made her a bombshell. Instead, they chose the budget Cleopatra route.

Saleisha (C9) - obviously

Jenah (C9)- not a fan of the blonde on her. THought she should have gone darker.

Lisa (C9) - another poodle cut for a woman of colour. Yawn. Lisa should have gotten one Tyra's "long wavy weave a la Naomi Campbell" instead. She would have killed it.

Amis (C10) - nuff said

Katarzyna (C10)- Her hair was too thick for the cut. They should have thinned it out and made it really edgy on the bottoms. Or else cut it even shorter. Or else made it super straight and sleek and added extensions. But who are we kidding, if Tyra can't even be bothered to learn your name, you ain't going nowhere but home, gurrl.

Lauren (C10) - Yea ok. Take an edgy, and (accidentally) fashionable girl with a unique look and aesthetic and make her look like every generic mall chick with blonde highlights and bad extensions. Good work, show.

Whitney (C10) - Thought she was prettier and more modelesque (for her) as a brunette. The blonde made her look like some soccer mom from Tennessee who has her own cooking channel on youtube.

Elina (C11) - I guess Tyra just threw up her hands and said, "fuck it, y'all. I'm goin full on crazy!" on this one. 

Allison (C12) - unpopular opinion, but I thought Allison's extensions/weave/whatever looked cheap as fuck and the colour was again, too yellow. Made her look budget instead of high fashion.

Celia (C12) - was a bit busted to begin with, but I really hated her after this haircut. I think keeping the length and adding soft waves or volume would have made her face appear less "hard". 




Elyse (C1) Subtle, but the shorter hair framed her face perfectly.

Joanna (C2) Really brought out her amazing cheekbones

Shandi (C2) Obviously.

Eva (C3) - mostly just because what she started with was so bad that anything would have been an improvement

Norelle (C3) - loved her, loved her makeover

Brandy (C4) - thought she looked regal as fuck with the bald head (too bad her attitude was so stanky)

Corrine (C5) - never liked her look, but the blonde softened her a lot

Mollie-Sue (C6) God, her face is stunning and the haircut just drew more attention to her amazing eyes and bone structure

Melrose (C7)- I thought the blonde wasn't TOO yellow and it actually made her look very scandinavian and aristocratic, which I think worked for her

Bianca (C9)- I never understood what she was upset about. She has a gorgeous face and she doesn't need hair, period. 

Anya (C10) - Wish it was less yellow, but otherwise I thought it definitely made her look more "high fashion"

Sam (C11) - Did the job of making her less commercial, even though she was never going to be "high fashion"

And none for Cycle 12. 

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I agree about Bianca (C9) the bald head really suits her face plus she has one of the most gorgeous smiles I've ever seen on a person. That makeover Tyra originally wanted to give her would have done nothing for her, and glad she only wore that wig during the one panel because she didn't need it. 


Yes, Eva needed that cut and don't know why she was upset when Tyra said she was going to go shorter. Eva said she just cut it but it wasn't a cute cut.


Let's add Furonda C6 as well because her original hair was just all kinds of fug, so any makeover would have been an improvement.


I'm glad that all they did with Yaya was have her take the braids out and wear her natural, cause Yaya has gorgeous natural hair. Even though I never liked her uppity attitude.


Noelle from C4, Tyra just gives her a blowout but for the rest of the cycle she wore her hair curly. After makeovers when she went to judging she said she wanted to see what her hair looked like curly. WTF?? Her hair is naturally curly so why did she need to see her blowout curly? Why judges didn't get on to her for keep showing up at judging with curly hair and not straightened?

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To the worst makeover list belongs Shei from last cycle. She did her best to make the half black/half "white" hair work, but nobody is going to hire Cruella Deville. I think one of the designers said as much in her go-see. Even white streaks would've worked better.

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