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S10.E04: Darren Criss

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I was sad that Darren didn't get more to do. He's a really great comedic actor and I would have loved to see him do at least 2 sketches. Maybe something like Wilson Bethel's appearance last summer. 

Other than that, I thought it was a really great episode. 

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Darren Criss (who has a great bubbly personality and good sense of humor) totally should have been allowed to do more.

I mean, Wilson bethel does still set the standard, but I think Darren could have given him a run for the money...



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Show intros were: Wayne--Bringing sexy back, Jeff--You know you want it, Colin--You're gonna hear him roar, and Greg--Like a wrecking ball.

Games? Hollywood Director, Props, Dubbing, Scenes From A Hat, and Greatest Hits.


This is the episode that brought us "RoBroCop" and a Kanye West/Neil Diamond duet!


A wonderful moment was Jeff Davis laughing at Wayne's "walrus" during Props, and saying, "That's gonna be on the Internet forever!"  He then turned around and acted like a baboon. *g* Then the doodoo snowman. *sigh*

The Greatest Hits? "Songs of Kindergarten" included a Big Band number and the aforementioned duet. Other duets that Colin told us about were Macklemore and Jerry Lewis, and Dolly Parton and Dolly The Cloned Sheep.


It was a hilarious episode, that despite the icky, I recommend!

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