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Det. Charles Boyle: Basically Ziggy

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The only issue I have with Boyle was his "obsession" with Rosa, which made him come off one-dimensional and creepy. I  really hope they are putting that to bed soon.

Besides that, I love him.  "Full-Boyle" and "Fancy Brudgom" are two of my favorites, and I Iiked how they explored the friendship between him and Jake.  What I really love though is, looking past all the goofiness, silly comments, and occasional buffoonery, he's actually a pretty good detective, and actually is good at reading the other characters, like how he defused the situation between Terry and his wife, that even Holt was making worse, or how he could tell Jake had real feelings for Amy. I also liked how he saved Thanksgiving for the gang.

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There's a new clip of the season premier posted where Charles and Gina discuss "the incident" and that Charles is going to blab to Jake.  I love this clip on many levels, particularly that they flip the gender stereotypes so that Boyle is the one worried about being the "office slut" but it also reminds me how Joe Lo Truglio has some magical ability to make Charles both pathetic and awesome and lovable at the same time.

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