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Party Down South in the Media

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There has to be a thread on this, because it's CMT's most popular show!

The same production company which brought Jersey Shore to the world is trying to strike another hit.

They're not going back to the same locale and they're digging for other southern beach towns.

Meanwhile, CMT is saying it's coming back in June but the cast are in a contract dispute.

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Thank you, there is the second part of the reunion left to air and there have been stories about the production company trying to find a venue for season 2.  Will try to dig them up.

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I've seen the previews of the 2nd cast and it looks like they are mostly hamming it up for the cameras....I'll probably watch at least the first episode to see how it is but I can't imagine it will be as good as the original.

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Two casts, now. Seems like Lil Bit isn't in the 3rd season with the originals after all.


I never though Lil Bit would come back for season 3. I'll reserve judgment on the secondary cast until I see them in action. Though it does seem as if the producers looked for replicas of the originals (based on the descriptions of the new cast.

Right now I'm just looking forward to the holiday specials.

Oh and no one needs to request a new forum for the new kids, we'll keep it all here.

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Good, I kept canceling my Season Pass recordings of the second cast.


I noticed they didn't even bother to do an after show with the second cast either.

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