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S11.E03: Keegan-Michael Key 3

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It was a fine  episode with some very good games and one I was so-so on.


Intros: Wayne- Sing & Dance, Keegan- Hop & Jump, Colin- Run & Hide and  Ryan- Lift & Separate.

Games: Questions, Newsflash, Old Job/ New Job, Scenes From a Hat and Greatest Hits.


I enjoyed Questions, Scenes From a Hat and Greatest Hits. Newsflash was actually bearable and Old Job/ New Job may depend on you. It was alright.  Greatest Hits wasn't "Kelp" -level great, but the second song was worth sticking around for.


Don't get me wrong, I love KMK. I just wonder why Mr. Peele hasn't visited; I enjoy both gentlemen on their own show.


Definitely a rewatchable episode.

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A few games we hadn't seen in a while. I can't complain about that!


I thought Compilation Album was hilarious. Not Wayne's catchiest song, but they took Colin's complication and ran with it. That's improv at its best: breaking out of the games to make it even more unexpected.

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Old Job/New Job! No guest!


"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden weave!" Haha!


Wayne's stadium rock song with the mic going in and out was hilarious.


Why do all 4 always win?!

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Why do all 4 always win?!



Strangely enough, this season has been "All 4"  winners all three episodes. Season 9 started the same way.


In Season 9 ( the 1st CW season), it was 9 of the 12.  There were 8 "All 4" winners in season 10 as well.


edited for more accurate counts.

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What was up with Ryan's hair this episode? Use a comb, dude.


"Old King Cole was a merry old soul... thanks to a thousand-dollar-a-day cocaine habit."

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I love KMK on his own show, but I don't completely love him on WL. He's not bad at improv, but he tends to take over.


It was nice to see Old Job/New Job again. 

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