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S03.E02: 340 Sq. Ft. Solar Powered Studio

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Phillise and her toddler boys want a tiny eco-friendly house. They are committed to living off grid and the house is passively designed to take advantage of the California sun. The build has Zack seeing double--this house is built on two tiny house trailers! And John encounters tough tiny house critics in Phillise's family. Can he win them over before Phillise moves in?


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Was this a thread that got accidentally deleted? 

I'm sure we talked about this at the time, but would have to watch it again to remember it all.


I think some of us posted comments about this episode on the thread for the week before.  


I think this was the woman that I stopped watching after the first few minutes because I found her to be very annoying.  I am not quite sure what it was.  Perhaps her "story" was bit too unbelievable - She chose to be a single mother of 2 while earning a college degree and is now building a tiny house that will save the planet, blah, blah, blah.  Or maybe she seemed entitled to me.  She may have gotten less annoying as the show progressed, but I started watching and thought I don't want to spend the next 40+ minutes watching this, and deleted it from the DVR.  


If others found it to be a good episode, I may see if it is on demand.  

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Saw this last night and I'm confused as to how that water catchment system is going to work with California being in a drought and all.


Also, the kitchen was ridiculously small, even for a tiny house.  You get bigger in a motel room kitchenette.  This one reminded me of a wet bar.


I did like how Zack built the murphy bed for her though -- very smart and very pretty.  Me being me, I couldn't help but wonder what is going to happen if she meets someone . . . attach a third trailer?

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