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The Cast In Other Roles: Which Witch Is Which?

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I actually followed Janet Montgomery to Salem from her role on "Merlin", having kept track of many of that show's cast. It's rather amusing since on that show she was a very pure and innocent princess, whereas here she could certainly give Morgana a run for her money in terms of witchy wickedness.


I also recognised Tamzin Merchant as poor Catherine Howard from "The Tudors".

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I have to say Tamzin Merchant was won of my biggest draws to this show: I remember her run on The Tudors got a very split reaction, but I loved her Catherine Howard. The scene that really sold me on her as an actress was when she (as Catherine) was introduced to Sarah Bolger's Mary Tudor. Mary is older than Catherine (though Tamzin is older than Sarah), and Catherine is just this hilarious little fidgety wreck. Catherine Howard was a hard role to play because the whole thing with The Tudors was "history, BUT WITH SEX" and you just knew the show was waiting for her to finally arrive, and that they were definitely going to play the Culpeper affair as involving a lot of illicit, kinda kinky sex which historically is possible but unproven. But at that point of the show she was Henry's 5th wife and it was like, "how stupid could you possibly be to cheat on this crazy bastard?"


I always felt Tamzin played it perfectly -- as someone deeply naive who couldn't quite take the world around her seriously; silly and uninterested in what she probably thought of as ancient history (that is, Henry's previous string of unfortunate marriages.) Very childlike but with a messed-up view of sex after a neglectful and wild childhood.

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