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  1. Did Reeva not know that Rebecca was institutionalized for killing her entire family and being a pyschopath? Because it seems like if Reeva knew enough about Rebecca to know her powers and what facility she was held in, she must've known how unstable she was but neither the Frosts nor Reeva seemed to really take any precautions with her or keep her on a shorter leash. I hope that gets brought up next episode. The Mutant Underground looks like its on its last legs, but at least everyone is acknowledging that so something better is born from the ashes. In a way, the MU is in the middle ground of the Morlocks and the Inner Circle. The Morlocks have given up trying to engage with the human world at all and are just hiding away and the IC is determined to carve out a place for mutantkind in the midst of the human world. I'm assuming their ultimate endgame is Genosha. Rebecca killing those bankers is gonna give the Sean Hannity-type (was he on Scandal??) active fuel for the fire and it looks like mutants will lose a lot of the good will the IC's cultivated through their exposure of blatant and illegal mistreatment of mutants. Gotta say, I really appreciate how the writers have fleshed out the history of mutants on Earth with references to mutant businesses being denied loans and the Kick (Crack) Epidemic of the 90s.
  2. I feel like Supergirl is portraying the anti-alien issue with too little nuance. Alien invaders have tried three times in the past three years to either kill or enslave everyone on Earth, for no discernible reason, of course people are going to be fearful and resentful about that. Supergirl is acting like the anti-alien sentiment came out of nowhere and is completely baseless when in fact aliens have been the unprovoked aggressors in several human-alien conflicts. Imo, until the show acknowledges this, the season feels a little hollow and an easy way to score progressive points. Lena's quickly becoming my favorite character on the show given her pragmatic approach to problems. Why shouldn't humans have powers equal to aliens?
  3. Given how sexless and loveless their marriage is and how much Adora treats Alan like the help, I'm genuinely surprised that he hasn't divorced her or killed himself yet. Only thing that man's got to live for is his sound system. Looks like Natalie and the other girl were a lot nastier than what we were led to believe. Poking out a girl's eye? Yeesh, that broadens the motive from "powerless person lashing out" to also include a revenge killing.
  4. They're doing "Red Son", one of the more popular Superman Elseworld stories. Except with Kara. For a hero that's supposed to stand on their own and be better than Superman, they sure love cribbing his stories. Hopefully we see Anatoli in Season 4. It's a good season finale but I would've been okay if they killed off all those people.
  5. Didn't the Indian guy say that in order to stop the hallucinations she had to take the pills ASAP? Because I thought it was implied that if she didn't the hallucinations would become permanent. As of right now, I'm assuming that everything after Mara puts on her blue coat at the end.of the episode is a dream. I like that the show seems to be giving the side cast more depth and moving away from the "case of the week" format. A minor quibble I have with the show is that it needs to be established what happens to Mara if she dies in the program. She's unconcerned when walking up to guys with guns in a standoff, but panics when the truck she's trapped in is about to hit a wall. Does she die as well (highly unlikely), does she just wake up with a headache...? As soon as the Indian guy said he made a reverie of his childhood home, I could just hear DiCaprio's character from Inception screaming "NEVER DREAM ABOUT SOME PLACE YOU'VE ACTUALLY BEEN".
  6. I agree. If the trans character can become a worthy successor to Cat Grant, she could be great for the show. Other than that, the only new character I'm interested in seeing is Chester Green because he might be Manchester Black and it'll be interesting to see if the writers can do a male villain justice without making him sexist.
  7. Kind of a boring episode, we're not given a whole lot of reasons to care about Molly besides she's "broken". Maybe the plan is to show a few episodes of normal procedural work before the Reverie program goes off the rails? Because I think right now I'm more interested in what happens with the AI and Mara's hallucinations of her dead niece than "rescue a patient" every week plot. Next week's episode looks really interesting though.
  8. SO SO SO DUMB. Sure let's just get rid of all of our lethal weaponry, why the fuck not? Why does anyone need a gun in the first place? Never mind that Lena said she's used a gun for self defense...who writes this? Who approves it? We spend way too much time on completely unrealistic politics instead of the Worldkiller plot, Sam's recovery, Lena's discovery of the black rock, or Kara acclimating to Argo City. There's a great show here if the writers could get out of their own way. The show's blessed with tremendous acting talent, better than any else in the Arrowverse, Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, David Harewood, Chris Wood, Katie McGrath, Odette Annabelle, etc but they're not being given enough to work with and the show shows no signs of course-correcting. I'm sticking with the first few episodes of Season 4 and if things don't get better I'm out.
  9. Kara meeting her mom was emotional on Kara's end but not on Alura's. I think the re-casting is throwing me for a bigger loop than I thought it would as I kept thinking "that's not Alura" whenever they were talking. I keep thinking this Argo City is too good to be true and that it's all going to end up being a hallucination. Something about it feels very off. I agree with the other posters here that the whole reveal should've been a much bigger deal. Alex's plotlines are so dull now. I'm surprised they mentioned Zor-El at all considering that Kara so often only talks about her mom.
  10. lion10

    S06.E19: The Dragon

    The whole newbie team: Oliver put Rene in the hospital What Oliver should say: He ? tried ?to hit me? with an axe?. What Felicity should say: He ? fucking ? shot me?.
  11. Barry got Ralph killed with his moralizing. DeVoe's been killing people like Ralph for months now and is very ruthless and dangerous, especially to someone who doesn't have super speed and lightning fast reflexes. Ralph was right about needing to kill DeVoe if they got the chance because DeVoe won't quit and there isn't enough difference in the power level to safely handle him. But then I'm the type of fan that thinks that Batman should kill the Joker around the fifth time he's unleashed a neurotoxin laughing gas into Gotham.
  12. I would expect either Hulu or NBC will have it within 24 hours.
  13. I absolutely loved it! I'll start off by admitting that I'm one of the filthy casuals who might not have watched without John Legend starring, but wow Judas blew him out of the water even though Legend did fine, especially since he was starring alongside and against seasoned live theater performers. It was great to see Norm Lewis as I really liked him as Javert in Les Miserables. That Crucifixion shot was AMAZING, that's what a good production value gets you! Pontious Pilate and Herod were also standouts. Sara Bareilles was great as Mary Magdalene as well. Judas: If you knew why I did it- Jesus: I don't care why you do it! Loved that scene. Just in love with theater right now. If I had to choose the next live performance NBC does, I'd pick West Side Story.
  14. That's always been an unclear point aboiut what exactly Diggle and Rene are shooting. I don't think they're just shooting bullets, so what are they?
  15. Rene went from being the best of the newbies to the worst. He dares call Oliver a thug even though it's Rene that's willing to screw over Oliver to get his daughter back even though he choked when he had a perfectly non-shady way to do it. Him taking an axe to Oliver meant that Oliver could do whatever he wanted to Rene as far as I'm concerned. He tried to murder him!
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