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S28.E22: Cold Case: Who Killed Amy Geller?

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I think there's a high probability that Dominic and Scott were involved in this crime, and I buy the timeline/scenario offered on the show.  However, the evidence isn't there, so there's a major piece missing somewhere.  I do think drugs played a role in Amy's murder.

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I had the last 10min of this ep cut off unfortunately, but I don't think I missed much; it's a cold case.  I agree it was probably Dominic and Scott, some combination those two.  It seems rather obvious about the Philadelphia accent.  However, I don't understand the crime at all.  The masked intruder making the parents lie in the hostage position, waiting and NOT killing them at first and then suddenly trying to kill them when Amy's headlights appeared in the driveway?  Then going out and killing Amy?  If he wanted to kill everyone, he just made it harder for himself in terms of timing.  According to the parents, he seemd to be waiting for someone, yet it seems his thinking/plans changed once Amy arrived.  Was he not expecting Amy?  She did live there.  When he saw Amy, did it suddenly occur to him, "I should just kill everyone"?  And it clearly wasn't a robbery.  Also, I wouldn't think it would be terribly smart to bring a knife if you intended on killing three people or even going to a place where three people lived, you could be outnumbered there.  So many questions.


So the "how" is a disaster trying to understand, as for the why...I wonder if those two felt Amy was going to rat them out for something drug-related?  They thought she was going to tell her parents too?...which doesn't really make sense, from the little we know it doesn't sound like Amy would be telling her parents that sort of thing.  I don't know.  I looked up Straight, Inc. and I was horrified.  I guess her parents were desperate, but that program seems like a case of the "cure" being worse than the disease, totally inhumane!

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