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The Music & Songs Of Game Of Thrones

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Hello Everyone !


I didn't see any topic about the music of Game Of Thrones, so that could be nice to start here. We are 3 brothers, musicians, and fans of Game Of Thrones, so we enjoy so much the opening ! That was a very good challenge for us, and we would like to share it with fans of GOT.



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Posting your link is fine, self promoting by asking for 'likes' or 'shares' isn't.
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I like it :)

If this is a general thread for the music I'll also add to it that I hope we get another song next season. In books I can't stand songs must if the time I just skip past the lyrics. But I really enjoy hearing them with music.

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Apologies if there is already a thread to discuss the music of the show, I did a quick search of the forum and nothing appeared to pop up.

The soundtrack for Season 7 has been released digitally today. I imagine there could be some spoilers in the track titles, but as far as I can tell not really.

What I like most about the soundtrack releases, is that each season opens with the Main Theme, it really helps set the tone. A lot of score albums to TV series feel only the first season needs the theme song, so its refreshing to have a show that respects the theme song and includes it in every release. I use to love the theme song, but after have the 2Cellos version on repeat since its release earlier this year, I find the TV version now lacks some oomph.


I haven't downloaded the Season 7 album yet, need to pay some bills first, but the samples sound good even if it appears there will be no Light of the Seven track for this season.

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