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Preachers Of Detroit

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Oxygen is expanding the network’s popular franchise and heading to Motown for Preachers of Detroit, set to premiere winter 2015. The series will also focus on powerful themes of faith, family and friendship as these seven men and women of the cloth share their lives, transformations and triumphs in and out of the pulpit in Detroit, Michigan.

The prominent pastors include:
Bishop Charles Ellis
Pastor David Bullock
Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole
Pastor Don Shelby
Bishop Corletta Vaughn
Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston
Pastor Tim Alden

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This is going to be good.  I was disappointed to see Dietrich but he did give a good introduction to this cast of characters, I mean preachers.  Pastor Bullock WENT IN on Dietrich, lol.  Seems like he is going to be doing this with others too.  I love the introduction of women in the ministry and discussions on gender/sexism.  Popcorn ready for this series.

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Detroit Is My City

Season 1, Episode 2

February 20, 2015

Bishop Charles Ellis and his close preacher friends discuss how to help Detroit in the series premiere of this reality spin-off from "Preachers of L.A."



So this episode is actually considered the second one...


Looks like Pastor Bullock is going to be my early favorite of this crew.  He is clearly passionate about Detroit and so disdainful of the other Preachers.  They clearly don't like him either.  Heh.


Jeez. We have another Bishop Clarence who reminds me a little too much of the one in LA.  I also got a few chuckles from that.


So now the sexism issue in the church is going to be addressed and I. can't. wait. to see how it comes about!  I was all for Pastor Shelby until his wife called herself a handmaiden.  Sigh.

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So this episode is actually considered the second one...


Yes, there was another introductory episode aired Wednesday night with Dietrick going to each of the ministers and asking them to be part of a Detroit song tribute that was aired at the end.

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I guess I am the only one still watching...


I watched the third episode and came away with these thoughts:


Bishop Coretta's husband?  Shady as hell.  He is probably paying her back for all the traveling she did in the beginning of their marriage.  I'll also bet that he has a family in NC since he wants to stay there so much.  He wouldn't answer her when she asked him what was in NC that was so important to him.  Yes, I think he is up to no good and using her ministry as an excuse.


I like Pastor Bullock even more. He keeps it all the way real.

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You aren't the only one watching. I like Bishop Vaughn and Pastor Bullock, Bishop Shelby creeped me out by taking his daughter out for a for a formal date on her 16th birthday. I would love it if Bishop Vaughn went to L.A, and called Ron Gibson for sexism.

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I'm kinda cool with Pastor Shelby and the date. He did this with each of his daughters.  My thing is his wife acting almost jealous of the attention showered on the daughter.  The whole thing with the eyelashes was ridiculous.  She is going out with her father. Chances are he probably never noticed them.  And in this week's preview, she and her older daughters gave off a mean girl vibe talking about Bishop Corletta.  Saved or not, I don't like mean girls.

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I've seen a few episodes and find it and the various personalities -- "interesting." Apparently it draws me in enough to watch it when I happen to catch it when I'm channel surfing.



It's not appointment viewing, and I can't tell you when it's on....but if I stumble upon it I stick around and watch it.

I and anxious for the cliffhanger/showdown that seems to be coming between Pastor Coretta and her husband.

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OMG, this show. I watch in horror.


That Shelby family? Just, no.My "something isn't right" alarm screams when they're on the screen. All the women in that family seem MISERABLE! And I'm agog about the blatant sexism. It's incredibly disheartening. And that father-daughter date creeped me right the eff out.  [shutters]. I will not be surprised when something awful comes out about that family. It was so obvious this last episode, when "handmadien Shelby" wouldn't let Bishop Vaugn speak, that something ain't right.


And does anyone else think that the two Shelby boys are gay? I feel so bad for them if they are, growing up in that environment.


Moreover, my gut says that the IRS needs to pay a visit to the Shelby, Langston and Ellis households.

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