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A Song of Ice and Fire

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I haven't been able to get it to load but am looking forward to reading it - hearing that it's definitely not a filler chapter but has one of the main characters makes me even more excited about it.

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Wow, that was...something. Looks like that storyline is going to move forward and that, uh, that collaboration is not going to end well.

I clearly missed a lot of references to things. (Which house has the chicken sigil? The internet says the emissary is Harys Swift, who I don't remember at all.) I might have to reread the books leading up to this one coming out...or at least spend a bunch of time on the wiki.

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I will fully admit that I read the books with the help of the Song of Ice and Fire forums.  I'll take a read through, go onto the forums and realize how much I missed and then read again - knowing which clues to look for. 

I feel like I shouldn't have read that chapter though, now I'm super anxious to read the entire book and there's not even a release date yet.

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Thank you! I'd read he d released a chapter but haven't yet read it. The last two books, he was so verbose I ended up skipping chunks to get to the plot line so am glad to hear good mentions about this.

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