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S16.E41: I'm Dating My Opposite

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I wanted to smack Dolly, the girl who was dating the rich kid. Did it never occur to her that he seemed to be majorly depressed? He stopped working, he gained weight, and there were days when he wouldn't get out of bed. And she spent all of her time telling him that he was lazy and that she was sooooo much harder-working. Meanwhile, her job is literally to stand in a store doorway and say hi to people who walk by. I certainly don't think he's a gem, but I was much more frustrated by her shallowness and ego.

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Dolly thinks she is much hotter than she really is. I kind of felt for her on again/off again boyfriend. She never let up on what a loser she thought he was. She also gave me golddigger vibes. Didn't she say she likes him because he takes care of her? She's a mess.

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The chick dating the tennis players son was nuts. She broke up with her boyfriend because he was irresponsible and couldn't take care of her, so she got with the other guy who was her "true love" because he was responsible, then she broke up with her true love and got back with the boyfriend because he was more responsible than true love and could take better care of her.

Do I have that right?

I posted this comment in the wrong thread and moved it here. After reading the comments about Dolly, I realized I had my episodes mixed up. I probably still do.

The other guys baby face didn't match with the tattoos. He looked like a kid who went crazy with the stick on tattoos.

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Dolly was a joke. She was auditioning for Jersey Shore or something -- she seemed so delighted with her own bitchiness. It's good for the world that they broke up.


The blonde's aspiration was to be a cosmetic dermatologist. How very Orange County.

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