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S02.E06: Jake And Sophia

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Lastly, I liked that Jake lost the case. More realistic that way. They tried to save the day, but it just wasn't there. There weren't any last minute shenanigans, and Sophia wasn't made out to be some evil or corrupt enemy, she was just a person on the other side.



First, I loved that Sophia was a very competent lawyer who explained why she's not a bad guy, it really is her job to make sure the police do theirs.


As usual, I liked the episode. One tiny little thing that bothered me was about the court scene.When Sophia made the argument that the glass cutter tool could be used for other purposes, Jake should have emphasized the point of the tools being found HIDDEN in the dumbwaiter. You don't hide something if you are using it for legal purposes. I'm fine with them having Jake lose this one, but that little reason for the loss bothered me.

I hated all the "sub-human" junk they were throwing out. They had a crappy case and no real proof that the defendant had committed this robbery. Even if the tools were only used in thefts, it doesn't mean they were used in the "heist" in question. And owning a glass-cutter is not a crime.

The DA should have vetted his witness better.

I really wish that cop shows and Law & Order type shows would stop insulting defense attorneys. NYPD and other cops aren't exactly covering themselves in glory these days.


So one of the reviews pointed out that Holt's flashback boss, Len Ross, was actually called Lengarry Len Ross in the credits. Why do I love that silly little reference so much?

Because it's so understated, yet so freaking amazing!

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I tend to cut comedies a lot more slack about professional details than, say, a procedural like L&O.   :-)


I cut them a lot of slack in how they work, but this "Defense attorneys are garbage" seems to pervade all criminal shows, comedy or drama, and I'm sick of it.

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Jake hates the fire department, too. And possibly the post office, other precincts, and pretty much anyone in authority or who holds a professional position elsewhere than his precinct. I think it's just professional rivalry, and Jake being Jake, and shouldn't be taken as a real comment on those other professionals. Jake's competitive. He probably hates any sports team he doesn't personally identify with, too.


this "Defense attorneys are garbage" seems to pervade all criminal shows, comedy or drama, and I'm sick of it.

You should watch "The Good Wife"; on that show, it's the prosecutors who are portrayed as being more often total scum. I think it's just the nature of the adversarial system in the courts. Defense is the enemy if you're prosecuting, prosecutors are the enemy if you're defense. "Benched" also has evil prosecutors (the main characters are public defenders). "How To Get Away With Murder" is about defense attorneys, but they're pretty even handed with how gross everyone is on all sides, so there's that exception to this rule.

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