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S05.E10: We Belong Together

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I am loving these recaps. Haven't seen the episode but this might be one of the few I watch all the way through. Okay I might fold laundry or something during Leah's scenes ;) At this point, the only one I am remotely rooting for is Chelsea. Jenelle is Jenelle, Leah is needy and depressed which I sympathize with, but she got here by making a looong string of poor choices. Kail needs therapy or something to move on from her childhood so she and Javi actually have a shot at a happy marriage and so she can coparent peacefully with Jo.

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Jenelle is such a psycho in her relationships. I still think Nathan is sleazy as hell but he is actually probably the "best" guy she has dated.

Everyone looked nice at Kailyn's wedding except..Kailyn. Fugly tats on full display, ill-fitting dress and braces? Yikes. Didn't she seem disappointed that Javi wrote the sweet note on her flip flop and not "Peach" like she thought at first? What the hell does Javi see in her?

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I can't keep the time line straight with Jenelle. Is she on probation? Waiting for sentencing? Sober? Pregnant? Smoking weed while pregnant? Pregnant with dead fetus? Married? Divorced? Dating? Engaged? It's just exhausting. At least with Possum Princess I always know that she's currently unhappily married and waiting to hop back on the Robbie dick.

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God damn, Leah is stupid.  Does she not understand math?  The man is making $40,000 in FIVE WEEKS, as compared to $40,000 for an entire year at that local job she wanted him to take.   Jeremy seriously looked like a man who has been sentenced to hell, and in a way he has, with that nagging harpie for a wife.  I don't feel too sorry for him, though, he brought this on himself.  He was sitting there staring off into the distance while she bitched and bitched and bitched and BITCHED.  Nice how she tried to bitch about Jeremy to Corey, too.  I loved that Corey totally blew her off and didn't engage.  I've always liked Corey and he just reaffirms why I like him week after week.

Kail looked absolutely hideous.  That dress.  Those tats.  Her face.  And what was up with those wedding shoes?  They looked like they cost about $7.99 at Target and would fall apart after one wear. 

Jennelle and Nathan - I always feel like I need a shower after watching those two.

ETA:  I just read the recap and I totally forgot about disgusting Kail asking her bridal party to pick her wedgie out of her enormous pregnant ass.  She's so classy it hurts.

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