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Knight After Knight


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Didn't get Cig's life makeup at all. Drew's probably did work the best together but Dina's was a close second and she has been great all season so I am happy she won. Also I think it's been announced that the twist for next year is that they are becoming the latest reality show to copy the mentors/teams format. Previous winners are coming back to run teams of aspiring artists. I think Laura is one and the other two are from earlier seasons I didnt watch.

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I really was not a fan of Cig's entire life knight. I thought the blue and white paint on it looked really awful, and the makeup was terrible. He should have kept Rashaad's face that he sculpted.


As much as I loved Dina's pieces and wanted her to win, I did think that Drew had a slight edge over hers. His really looked phenomenal. Still, I am so happy with her win, as she had my favorite looks of the season, and is one of my favorite contestants of all of the seasons on this show.

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Just such a nice season with nice competitors and such nice returning champions - the Couch Potatoes at my house will miss spending part of each Tuesday night with these nice people. Guess we will have to watch "Stalker" now.

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This was the best new show I've found for me and my 8 year old daughter. Her words: "these people are fun-competitive not mean-competitive." We came off watching a particularly heinous Masterchef season together this year.

Who knew... Cig's girlfriend was really cute! She must dig the hats.

Dina and Cig I think had the two best overall knights (their Death knights) but Drew truly had the better overall. At least for me.

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