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Still Up is an 8 episode Comedy TV Series with the first 3 episodes streaming on September 22, 2023 on Apple TV+. Still Up is an almost romantic comedy that follows the exploits of Lisa, an impulsive and free-spirited aspiring illustrator whose questions over her daughter’s future start keeping her up at night, and the socially anxious yet gifted journalist Danny. While the rest of the world sleeps, these two friends spend their long nights talking, and despite being apart, they have come to rely on each other in the hazy, heightened evening hours. The pair have no secrets, except their feelings for each other, and while the world sleeps they spend their long nights talking despite never meeting. Will they end up sleeping together, will they end up sleeping period?

Antonia Thomas as Lisa, an impulsive and free-spirited aspiring illustrator, currently working as a waitress and raising her young daughter Poppy, with her loving partner Veggie.  

Blake Harrison as Veggie, Lisa's reliable, kind, eternally optimistic partner

Sam Spiro as Christine, Veggie's overbearing but fun-loving mother. A retired physiotherapist desperate to be close with Lisa.

Craig Roberts as Danny, a music journalist with neurotic anxiety 

Lois Chimimba as Amy, the forthright and funny woman Danny meets on a dating app 

Luke Fetherston as Adam, Danny's helpful fireman neighbor who lives across the hall. Adam is on hand to save the day when Danny's anxieties get in the way.

Rich Fulcher as Cat Man, Danny's strange neighbor with a penchant for cats.

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Episode 1 can be watched for free on AppleTV+.

Still Up     September 22, 2023      Apple TV+  

Episodes 1-3    Titles and Descriptions         


S01.E01: The Pharmacy
While Danny invents new ways to avoid a neighbor, Lisa gets creative on a midnight medical mission.

S01.E02: The Dress
Lisa’s bus ride takes an unexpected turn. Danny aims to impress a dating app match—and makes a not-so-charming mistake.

S01.E03: The Date
Danny hosts a special guest for the evening. Lisa attempts to help from afar as she battles a bad case of boredom.

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OK, I've watched all 3 episodes.  I'm unfamiliar with these actors, they're natural enough on camera and they play these quirky characters whose connection is that they both have insomnia so they're FaceTiming with each other all the time while their partners and children are asleep.

I probably missed how they know each other.  Lisa is a mother of a young girl who lives with Veggie.  Danny seems to be a total recluse, who doesn't even want to deal with his neighbors.

Lisa gets Danny to try online dating and sets it up so that he can have a relationship.  His last one was 3 years ago and apparently hasn't dated anyone since, because for one thing, he never leaves the house.

Lisa though finds that the dating app returns Danny as a very high match.  In fact higher than the match score she got with Veggie, her live-in bf.

So the trajectory of this season at least appears to be that both realize they're into each other.  Lisa deletes her dating profile, probably suggesting that she felt it but since she has a bf, she is going to ignore the match as well as probably her own feelings.

Danny has his dating app match over for dinner but he's nervous and FaceTIming with Lisa right up to the last minute before his date Amy arrives and even during the date he steps into another room to communicate with Lisa.

Amy thinks Lisa is Danny's ex that he's still not over.  So she won't see Danny again and Danny wonders if she's right, that he's really interested in Lisa.


Again the actors are good and it could be interesting the way they discover that they like each other, that they're not just insomniac mates.

But their convos aren't that entertaining and the antics they get up to aren't particularly interesting.  She goes to a 24-hour pharmacy, has problems paying for the meds she buys, discovers that the pharmacist is dead.

Then she's on a very long bus trip and some other bus riders steal her dress she had under her seat, because they were noisy and she shushed them.  So to make them give the dress back, she starts to undress and throw her clothes out the window of the double-decker bus.

Yeah I scratched my head at that one, why would her threatening to become naked make these random bullies relent?

In the third episode, Danny accidentally slams the door on his date Amy, severing her finger.  He calls his neighbor to bring ice and looks for the severed finger tip, finds it and puts it in his mouth?


In any event, the potential for antics is limited in these 3 episodes because one of the main characters never leaves his flat.  So they're just FaceTiming all the time and Lisa is out in the public while they FaceTime, holding her iPhone up and just talking loudly.  She has AirPods but no, she uses the speaker and she's walking down the street staring at Danny in her iPhone screen while oblivious to other pedestrians.

Yeah one of those people who walks while looking only at their phone.

I think it will be very rough if they keep Danny in his flat the whole season and they FaceTime the whole season.  I know this is an Apple TV + show but that's not good way for the two main characters to interact.  Again they're good enough to be natural on the FT camera and all that but it's questionable.


Only other thing that's striking to me is that I happen to be watching Dreaming Whilst Black on Showtime, where the main characters are Brits of Jamaican descent and some Nigerians.

The depiction of the lives of black people in the UK on that show is completely different from the depiction on Still Up.

Lisa is black and her bf Veggie is white.  Danny is white and his date Amy is black.  Race doesn't seem to be a factor at all, it's completely frictionless.

On DWB, it's just the opposite, the main male character and the main female character both quit their jobs because their white officemates constantly make racial faux pas in their presence and eventually they both decide they can't continue and quit.

Maybe the difference wouldn't be so noticeable if I weren't watching these shows at the same time.

Still Up isn't trying to depict the lived lives of ethnic minorities.  It's just a coincidence that one of the main character is black.  Otherwise, one would think that black people are treated much better in the UK than in the US and one doubts that's the case.

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Still good and still cute, but each episode reveals how slight the premise is. It would strain if not for the cast.  I can't wait for a chance to see Lisa and Danny actually in a room together. 

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