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S05.E02: Songbird

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Doc and Cameron try to run the clinic together. Mel supports Ava through a personal dilemma. Jack confronts Charmaine. Brady seeks a second chance.

Original airdate 9/7/23

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The annoying:

  • Mel's face. The constant pouting and hmms when Jack isn't doing what she wants him to isn't cute.
  • Mel and her one upmanship with Ava.
    • Ava -- won't be able to have kids if she has a hysterectomy. Mel makes it about her by informing Ava she's struggled with fertility issues. Not sure how being sick and having to have a hysterectomy is the same thing as having fertility issues Mel...
    • Ava -- I miss my mom at times like this. Mel I also lost my mother to cancer. I mean I get Mel was trying to show she understands Ava's pain, but it seems like another instance of Mel making it about her.
  • Saint Mel.
    • Mel's such a saint that she forgives Charmaine and convinces Jack to forgive Charmaine too.
    • Not only that Mel makes Jack understand how he was leading Charmaine on.
  • Charmaine is kind enough to inform the viewers that what Mel and Jack have is special. If you have to have a character point out how amazing your main couple is that isn't good. 
  • Mel telling Preacher what a catch he is. I was thinking yep he is. Why didn't you show any interest in him? Instead, you went for Jack the guy with so many issues. However, I like Preacher so I'm glad he wasn't stuck with pouty Mel. 
  • Brady is dumb. Scary boss lady told him in no uncertain terms not to mess up, so Brady decides I'll leave new guy who I didn't even want brought on board in charge while I play hooky.
  • Hope enough said.


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