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Willkommen in Deutschland

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Just watched the first episode and I loved it.

The good:

  • Queens are talented, top to bottom
  • There is variety in the drag
  • Queens come from several German speaking countries

The great:

  • The first lip sync-- the best I have seen outside of the US
  • AFAB queen Pandora Nox

Pandora is a cut above everyone else.

Just when I was ready to cancel WOW this pulled me back in.

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Almost a month later, and no other comments? This board has really gone quiet...or perhaps we're all spread out over too many franchises now?

The first four episodes have all been fun, and the drag has been pretty good, too, although it's a step down from what we've been treated to on France. I was also going to commend this show's lipsyncs, which have been among the best of the international franchises, but the latest one...yeesh. I'm not a fan of the Gina G song, but even it deserves more than a few spins and awkward turns. You could tell that the entire panel were forcing smiles through clenched teeth through that mess. Or perhaps the reactions were taped from another lipsynch and edited into this slog; nothing would surprise me about this show any more.

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