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S01.E05: Hot! Hot! Hot!

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It's too bad the U.S. Attorney team didn't get the evidence they needed from the secretary.  It infuriated me that Sackler was playing with his dog and making all of that noise during the meeting, like they don't matter.

That conference was cheesy in the beginning but quickly turned into something sleezy.  Shannon is such a follower, I rolled my eyes when she gave in and decided to snort Oxy.  Her protege has no soul at all.

I knew Glen's request to his stepson would be self-serving, but he didn't try convince him much.  I couldn't believe that long line at the clinic and the security guards, like they're bouncers at a club.

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Oh wow. So depressing. That sales conference was a glimpse into hell. 

I liked that the writing surprised me. I expected Glen to bite the dust and Shannon to be the whistle blower. Instead it seems to be going the other way with Glen possibly recovering. 

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