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The Whale (2022)

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I am creating a thread for this, as I finally watched this awful movie, and I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a thread already. All I can say is the detractors are not wrong. It’s a story that didn’t need to be told.  Fat person alienates everyone and sits in the dark and has stagy discussions with various people in his life. He keeps talking to his writing students about truth.  He lies to them by never showing his true self. Till the end. Then he reads a junior high school paper on Moby-Dick by his daughter and proclaims it the best and truest paper ever. Fade-out where you don’t know if he lives or dies. The end. I was very bored with it and watched it in two shifts and didn’t even pay close attention. 

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6 hours ago, chediavolo said:

Where is this streaming? Is it free? I love Brendan Fraser so I’ll give it a try. It does sound not so great though. 

It’s not free. It’s $5.99 on prime or your cable on demand rentals. I like Brendan Fraser too, but this is just an awful story. As you probably know it was based on a play. 

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I watched this yesterday, and I thought it was just awful.  I didn't feel sorry for Charlie at all.  So, Brendan Fraser won an Oscar for wearing a fat suit. 

I couldn't stand that evil, obnoxious daughter.  Sure, she had issues because her father left her, but I couldn't drum up any sympathy for her.  Also, they made it seem like she did a good thing by sending to the missionary guy's family his confession of drug use and money stealing, they forgave him, and he went back home.  However, things could have taken the opposite turn and the family could have shunned him and even turned him in to the police.   

The only people I liked were the nurse and the pizza delivery guy who would ask about Charlie.

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