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Is this on Prime, Peacock, both, or…?

FWIW, Prime allowed me to put Season 3 on my "Watch List."

Neither Peacock, nor Apple, nor Roku seem to have programmed Season 3's existence yet, but maybe they don't go more than a month out?

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2 hours ago, shapeshifter said:

Is this on Prime, Peacock, both, or…?

Sorry,, I should have said Global TV in Canada.

Hopefully it will be available in the US around the same time.

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S3: E01 The Tempest


Kendra Malley and her team from the Federal Transportation Safety Authority travel to Newfoundland to investigate the cause of a major ferry sinking.

Archie Panjabi, Kris Holden-Ried, Eric McCormack, Jake Weber, Mark Rendall Patrick Sabongui, Susan Coyne, Cindy Sampson, Thomas Craig

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S3:E02 Dead in the Water


Kendra's investigation uncovers a UK connection while the US Navy's dive down to the ferry wreckage yields a surprising discovery.


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On 8/15/2023 at 10:48 PM, Medicine Crow said:

In the episode "Stowaway", who plays the woman with the boat that sees the man & dog on the island.  I'm sure I know her, but I can't remember her name.  TIA.

Annie is played by Savonna Spracklin who has been in a few episodes of Yellowstone.

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S3.E3 ∙ Stowaway


Kendra Malley and her team continue to investigate the ferry sinking. The Captain's story comes into question, when a recovered video shows a different turn of events below deck, than was first told by survivors.


S3.E4 ∙ Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


There is unexpected betrayal within the ranks, a possibly innocent man is arrested, and then a dead diver surfaces from the wreck.


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S3.E5 ∙ Shot Across The Bow


A diver's mysterious identity proves to be the key to Kendra's discovery that an ally has been sabotaging her investigation from the start.

Since Eric McCormack is the 'best known guest star', I keep waiting for him to be revealed as the villain.

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S3.E6 ∙ What Lies Beneath


Kendra and her team decides to go rogue in their quest to discover the true cause of the ferry's sinking.

I thought that was a pretty good ending. I'm still sad that Annie's brother died but overall it was a pretty solid story and satisfactory conclusion.

Glad that Arlo didn't do it after all.

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i just finished it - (in uk, on Sky Witness)

it wasn't the best tv show overall - i had a few episodes stacked up to watch, unlike other shows which i watch ASAP as they appear.

But overall i enjoyed. I like the main lady. The ending was nice.

I wasn't sure if Boat lady/SISTER OF MAN WHO DIED plus the 2nd in command on the ship were supposed to be getting together (i got those vibes and from her comment in custody - "wow that wasn't where i expected that to go" - i assumed from that that "his type he disliked" as gay women. (though the 2nd in command was in love with a man who ran the ship?)

anyway, would i be dissappointed it that was it for the show? probably not.


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