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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (formerly Cole): Britain's Geordie Sweetheart

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Apparently because she has an impossible last name now, and because she's deluded herself into thinking she's a megastar, she now wants to be known by JUST her first name (it's how she was introduced on the show).

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I don't know if Cheryl really has an American counterpart.  She became famous by being in a group called Girls Aloud (who were formed via a singing competition show) and has been an UK tabloid fixture on and off for the past 12 years.  She punched a bathroom attendant, her ex-husband publicly cheated on her, she almost died from malaria, got a giant ass tattoo and, most recently, married some guy after knowing him for only three months.


ETA:  How did I forget about Cheryl's disastrous short term run as a judge on the X Factor US?  Cheryl and Simon didn't talk for awhile after she was fired from that show.

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Haha thanks

I don't think I ever saw her as a judge when I watched xfactor us, but klohe kardashian was the host...RME and Brittany spears ...RME again ...was a judge

No wonder it was canceled

I don't think what she did on X-F USA ever aired.  If you go back and watch the first few X-F USA Season 1 episodes (they must be online somewhere), you'll see a lot of fancy cutting hiding her presence in the first few audition cities.  You'll also see cuts hiding the fact that Nicole Scherzinger was actually on stage co-hosting along with some block of wood named Steve Jones.  Simon pulled a switcheroo by packing Cheryl up on a quick flight home after those first few cities, yanking Nicole out of the co-hosting job, and placing her ass in the chair still warm from Cheryl (not that Nicole lasted in that job longer than 1 season anyway--and Jones, the remaining host, got replaced pretty quickly too).  

The excuse used was that they thought nobody could understand what Cheryl was saying.  Frankly I have no trouble at all understanding Cheryl's accent, except for the rare times she slides into Geordie slang.  IMO she kind of got fired for nothing.

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I just now watched the episodes from last week and Cheryl is even thinner than I expected, I'm really shocked.  I wonder what's really going on with her life if she's attributing her weight loss to stress.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. She's a pretty woman and she's always been on the petite side but this is a little scary. She does look like she's going through a lot right now.

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58 minutes ago, aradia22 said:

Wait, what in the hell? She's dating Liam from One Direction???

I was shocked to find out that they're only ten years apart. I mean it feels like she should be much older than that, but apparently she was only 25 when she first started judging on the X-F. It only gets a little creepy when you think that she, a few years later, was judging Liam, who math says had to be 18 at the time, and now she's banging him.

Also does this mean she can finally drop that ridiculous last name?  Honestly she's not so important I really think she can rock a single name, but for pity's sake... just reset to Cole. Or even Tweedy (okay that sounds silly too). I know Cole was her first husband's name, but it also became her best known (and easiest to use) stage name. And if Roseanne Barr can now again be Roseanne Barr for that reason (she also tried the ridiculous one name thing and gave up), then why not Cheryl Cole?

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Cheryl and Liam had a baby!?! He's 23. She's 33. As far as age differences go, it's not that unusual but I still find it weird given that they first met when he was a child and very much looked like a child and she was an authority figure/in a position of power over him even if she wasn't the judge handling One Direction. The Sam/Aaron Taylor-Johnson thing is weirder but this one is still weird. 

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