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S15.W03 (E10-14)

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It's a BIG WEEK of MasterChef you just can't miss.

  • SUNDAY - an Elimination Challenge with Australia's favourite home cook.
  • MONDAY - the biggest Mystery Box in MasterChef history.
  • TUESDAY - the biggest Pressure Test we have ever set at this stage of the competition.
  • WEDNESDAY - the biggest Service Challenge ever.
  • THURSDAY - a huge Gift (Mystery) Box on all benches.



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A few random thoughts...

* "I feel very blessed to be in your presence," said Declan to Julie Goodwin. 🤮🤮🤮

* I love Robbie but I do wonder how long they're going to let him make seafood curries.

* I was only half listening when Antonio announced that he was cooking "fish and bananas", something he'd never cooked before. "No wonder - sounds disgusting," I thought. Then I realised he said "fish empanadas". 😂😂😂

* Speaking of Antonio, did mentioning his grandma help save him? It usually helps!


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S15•E10 - Julie Goodwin’s Seafood Stew Elimination Challenge

Welcome back Larissa!

2 Italians down, 1 more to go. Hopefully we’ll be seeing less and less pasta dishes from now on.

Antonio, you play your nonna card too early in the competition. You’ll regret this.

Declan and his word salad. 🤮

Unlike Declan, Robbie doesn’t have time to fangirl Julie Goodwin. And I like him even more.

The best part of this episode is when Grace and Theo doing the “Swagger Robbie”. Naughty! 😂


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Very tired tonight and kept falling asleep when trying to watch this episode so ended up forwarding to the judging to see who ended up bottom three. 

I don't know why it is but it seems to me that on this show, anyone who wins any big advantage they offer, like Larissa does, almost seems to get 'punished' for it by not lasting much longer in the competition. I fear that might be Larissa's destiny. 

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S15•E11 - Giant Mystery Box Challenge

The 3 judges appear to be high on sugar or something - extra happy, laughing, teasing each other. Jock and his non-stop munching…😢

Even with a “sweet” mystery box, we still can see some pasta dishes. They can’t help it, huh.

Dishes from Robbie, Grace and Alice aren’t featured tonight. Editors should’ve included them, it won’t take more than 90 secs to show them all.

Ralph and Rue need more practice on baking a perfect tart. You can’t keep serving “busted” tart, hoping its flavor will save you.

I hope Theo will survive tomorrow’s Lamington challenge. Either Declan or Larissa can go home. Larissa may not be a strong cook as she thinks she is.

Both ice cream sandwiches from Phil and Antonio look so yummy! 💕😋


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OMG, Larissa! If the whole gantry is telling you NOT to stir the caramel, here's an idea...maybe don't stir it? Also, how does someone who cannot make a simple caramel even end up on this show?

I knew she'd be going because it's such a great story arc, "redemption gone wrong", but she so deserved it for being so bloody dumb! 

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S15•E12 - Eddie Stewart's Tokyo Lamington Tower Pressure Test

Am so happy that Theo slays this pressure test. Good job, man! 💪🏻

And Grace always has his back, reminding him about sifting the flour etc. She’s a good friend.

As a carpenter, shouldn’t Declan be good in measurement and precision?

People on the gantry keep yelling at Larissa not to stir the caramel and she’s like “I can’t help it!”. At this point, am done with her and her attitude. Bye Felicia! 🙄

So much for that Second Chance Apron. The BIGGEST advantage ever in MC history has totally been wasted. The apron should’ve been given at a much later stage in the competition, people will appreciate it more.

And ohh, someone shows a cleavage today, very low cut…🙈 


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S15•E13 - Grazeland Street Food Team Challenge

There’s no surprise elimination and the production team is still struggling to schedule a team challenge with even no. of contestants. It’s been years like this. Malissa is already missing out on 2x service challenges while the others have learned and experienced a lot.

Both Jock and Andy motivate and contribute a lot in today’s service challenge. What does Melissa do other than screaming? 🙄

Weird editing today. We see Brent performing his captain duties throughout the episode. It isn’t the same with Adi. We see her planning their menus with the team in the beginning, then poof! It’s Grace who continuously updating Andy on the progress and checking on the team. Where’s Captain Adi?

Looking forward to tomorrow’s immunity challenge. Who is that yummy chef? 😱😍🤭


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20 hours ago, Snazzy Daisy said:

Both Jock and Andy motivate and contribute a lot in today’s service challenge. What does Melissa do other than screaming? 🙄

That's not very fair.  She was wearing an unusually noxious outfit quite well.  Meow! 🐈😂

Got two episodes to comment on tonight. Just harking back to the challenge one last night, whilst I veer between quite liking Declan and having him wear on my last nerve, I went back to liking him again last night.  Challenges have a way of showing the genuinely hard workers because even though I would never choose to cook fish since I dislike how it smells and tastes, I'm positive that having to fillet, prepare and cook that many portions was considerably more difficult than just about anyone else's job on either team, so you can't fault Declan's work ethic.  Plus he did it in good spirits - I chuckled at his comments about how he'd prepped so many barramundi that he was "probably gonna turn into a bloody barramundi".  Hah!

There were some more funny bits in tonight's episode too, like when Jock asked Robbie what his gift appliance was, he paused and then said..."I dunno!"  Robbie's really kind of adorable.  And speaking of which, Chef McHottie with the immaculately tousled hair can come back any time.  I'm not entirely convinced Declan actually beat him (I never am with the guest chef episodes) but to be fair, I can't really imagine how anyone could make blueberries and mushrooms together taste good so he was probably up against it from the start.  

I haven't read the spoilers yet for this year but after tonight's episode, if I do, I have a feeling Declan's going to be right up there and we're just gonna have to get used to it!


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S15•E14 - Immunity Challenge with Sergio Perera

Shannon’s Bennett wears the same faded gray T-shirt 3 weeks in a row! 😱

Declan who? I don’t pay attention to Declan at all. Totally distracted by the other gorgeous creature. 🤭

We all know that Declan is gonna win an immunity pin today, thanks to the spoiler in the first 40 seconds of episode #12. Terrible editing!



Not only the ladies, Uncle Robbie also has ‘lil crush on Sergio Perera. So adorable! 😂


“He’s got Robbie’s touch! He reminds me when I was young. Good looking bloke like that, running around the kitchen.”

Chef Tousled Hair is the perfect blend of young Johnny Depp and Matthew McConaughey, with a bad boy vibe. I don’t care, am gonna put his pic here!




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I'm fond of Declan. I find him very good natured and I have a soft spot for people like that. 

I find that often the MC Au contestants are actually fine but the editing for them is incredibly annoying in an attempt to make them "compelling". I remember Julie, when she came back, had a really cool sense of humor that you'd see crop up but they loved editing her as some Nervous Nelly with confidence issues.

That said, I'm not fond of the girl who claimed that she created the cucumber dish for the team challenge last week. I've been side eyeing her since. Didn't like the one with the magic apron who went home either. I don't think she was a very good cook!

Like the guy who makes bread!!!!!

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Man I had a bunch of snarky comments and then the hot chef came along and I've forgotten everything.

OK a few I can remember:

Shannon continues to dress like an absolute derro. Also yikes.

I too oscillate on Declan, but I guess I would say that of all the "aww shucks, I'm just a tradie making food with my big tradie hands" guys they have had as contestants over the years, he is probably the least annoying with that schtick. Brent "I'll just burn it on the hibachi" McTradie was far more annoying his first go-around.

Robbie cracks me up. "Robbie's chicken." I dunno if Masterchef is quite the right lane for him, but he could do a pretty entertaining cooking show on the ABC or something.

Favourite so far: Theo

People I haven't seen enough of but think I will like: Antonio, Rue, 

Least favourite: Phil

Those rankings will probably change, but I literally still cannot name or say a single fact about half of the contestants (even though this season does have far fewer interchangeable blond-girls-who-went-to-Vietnam-once contestants than usual). 

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