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S01.E03: Thank You for Not Driving

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At Quantico, Poet faces a challenging driving course. In the present, Poet's undercover operation brings the FBI to a critical juncture, while Tayo hunts down a domestic terrorist cell. In the future, Poet investigates the scope of Tayo's power.

Dropping May 17, 2023

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This episode was very much a story about Poet and Hour. The first two episodes their main interactions were in the past where Poet was the one at ease and Hour was shy and timid. And the one present scene before was one where they were obviously close friends both at ease with each other. 

This episode is present and future of them and the dynamics are so startling different. The ease of the previous present scene this episode had more of an underlining building of something more than just friendship but also there was hints of future tensions about Hour’s work. The future is really interesting as Hour is the one at ease and Poet is the one who is struggling. I really am curious what happens with them in the present that causes this. How close did they get? Hour mentions telling Poet that she loved her. Hour’s wife  obviously knows all about Poet and the way they say they were friends to Hour’s child in a way that clearly meant there was more to it. 

I feel dumb that I hadn’t put my theory last episode that Tayo’s AI was a corrupted version of what Hour was working on when Lennox told Poet to speak to Hour since she was the only one who knew the code. 

Really interesting that little things like the bullet proof glass without telling his wife are indicators of what we see of Tayo in the future. I wonder where his wife is in the future. 

Also forgot to mention previously how I thought it was a nice touch with all the FBI cars in the future being electronic. Of course now this episode it might not be such a good thing. 

Was the whole driving test for Poet the only past in this episode?

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It made zero sense for Tayo to have his car parked outside his front door when his house was under guard. It would have made much more sense to be parked in the garage where he doesn’t have to be exposed to possible gunfire while getting to his car. Likewise it made no sense for his wife, who WAS parked in the garage, to walk around the long way outside to get in her car. Since when would that house not have garage access from inside?

Speaking of his wife, I was pleasantly surprised when I was thinking “ram that guy with your car, already!” and she actually did it.

Still fascinated with Poet’s apparently bionic eye. How odd that sometimes it looks normal and sometimes all black, and she left it that way when talking to Hour’s wife and child. Wouldn’t that freak a kid out? And how does she control what her eye looks like at any given time?

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