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S06.E21: Forget Shorty

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SWAT teams up with the DEA, led by Mack Boyle, to conduct a massive gang sweep, only to discover that a vicious cartel is planting roots in the city and endangering numerous lives. Also, Hicks marks an important anniversary.

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From one "S.O.S." ("Save Our S.W.A.T.") to another "S.O.S." ("Same Old S.W.A.T.")

I mean, I didn't see Shorty getting...well there's a pun there in his demise but I won't use it out of respect.

I also didn't see that the main bad guy would also be eliminated tonight, so credit to the show for that.

However, the show still seemed to play their tired beats. Lots of feints, lots of misdirects, lots of "you know this won't work because it's too early in the episode for it to work".

...and, though I don't know for certain, I'm sure DEA guy Mack Boyle (played by Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton) is somehow involved in this cartel and is likely a bad guy all along.

For sure, what I do know about Boyle and the DEA is that they still played the old cliché of "outside agency coming in to the police department and acting like jerks", because they really were.

So we'll see how that resolves itself next week, especially considering now that we know this show will come back for a Season Seven.

I just hope it's not the end of Marcus Guzman, because Marcus is probably one of this show's most interesting characters (if not the most interesting characters) and I want him to have one last (hopefully ultimately happy) go-around next season.

As for the show's other storylines...I'm glad that Deacon and Sanchez found a way to work together. I was worried the show was about to undo all the goodwill they showed Sanchez the last time we saw him (where Hondo realized that, you know what, Sanchez isn't actually a piece of dirt), so it was good that Deacon saw some humanity and found a way to make things work with him.

It's this kind of character work that the show has been missing the past few years, and while Sanchez started from pretty much the bottom of the barrel, the growth of his character and the humanness he has gone through has been a joy to watch.

Then there's Hicks...I was hopeful that Mumford could have come back to surprise Hicks just like Hicks did to Mumford back in S2 but it was still a nice way to honour him that's true to the character. Too bad he's not sharing his scotch, though...but then again, maybe I wouldn't either in his shoes, so there.

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Happy 40th on-the-job anniversary Hicks‼️

It’s always nice to see Marcos Guzman again. Sadly, his interesting dynamic with Luca and Street is now strained due to what happened with Shorty.

Don’t feel the same about Sanchez. I seriously think that Deacon is making a mistake about their JV. What are you thinking Deac? 🤦🏻‍♀️

I think Red is the bad guy from DEA.

Ulan Zamora died too easily, very anticlimactic.

Evidently, the show doesn’t know what to do next with Nichelle. She has been reduced to Hondo’s personal shopper in this episode. Will the actress still be a series regular in S7? We’ll see…   

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