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S23.E13: The Knockouts Part 2

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Country superstar Reba McEntire serves as mega mentor as the coaches pair two artists to perform individually against each other then select a winner to move on to the playoffs; the pressure is on, as each coach will only have one steal.

Airs April 24 at 8:00pm on NBC

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Thoughts on the performances: 

EJ vs Michael - Both pretty good. I preferred Michael (who was giving me some major Clay Aiken vibes) a bit more. Michael won

Jamar vs Magnus - Both pretty good. I preferred Magnus a bit more. Jamar won

Grace vs Neil - Neil sounded more interesting than Grace (who came off as a little pedestrian) so preferred him. Grace won. Neil stolen

Ross vs Jerome - Both good though I preferred Jerome. Ross won. 

Sorelle trio vs Tiana - Both pretty good though I preferred Tiana. Sorelle won

Holly vs Rachel - Both pretty good. I preferred Rachel just a bit more. Holly won. Rachel stolen

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I think we're done with Knockouts and are going into the play-offs.  If so, I will be more interested as finally, if someone is eliminated they stay eliminated.  The 'steals' 'saves' 'passthroughs' 'whatevers' just prolong the season.

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Just for reference, here's actually who's left after the KO round:

Team Blake

NOIVAS (fka Savion Wheeler from a few seasons back on AI, AA singer from Texas draws from Rock/Blues/Soul/Country)

Kaylee Dane (Young, Blonde, Emotional Pop Singer)

Grace West (Young Contemporary Country Singer, moved to Nashville right out of High School)

Rachel Christine (Young alt-pop singer, has a little darkness or mysteriousness to her voice. Stolen from Kelly)

Mary Kate Connor-Playoff Pass (Blake's 35th to 40th winsome, teen, female pop(ish) singer)

Team Chance

Sorella (Disney-esque trio of Influencer Sisters from Ohio. Impressive harmonies)

Jamar Langely (Older, smooth R&B operator. Capable guitar player too)

Ray Uriel (Old, throwback soul soul in a young person's body)

Kala Banham (Young, stylish, ethereal pop singer. Stolen from Kelly)

Manasseh Simone-Playoff Pass (Huge voiced R&B/Soul/Gospel singer. Only returnee from last season left)

Team Kelly

Cait Martin (Gargantuan voiced pop soul singer. Giant song attempter/slayer)

ALI (Unique, stylish pop singer with significant hearing impairments)

Holly Brand (Pageanty country singer with a lot of tools in her toolbox from Mississippi)

Neal Salsich (Energetic White Guy/Blue Eyed Soul singer from St. Louis. Stolen from Blake)

D. Smooth-Playoff Pass (Honestly, off the 4 PP people I kind of forgot him a little bit. Lost an extremely close battle to ALI)

Team Niall

Ross Clayton (Smooth singer/showman from Oklahoma. Country & Yacht Rock adjacent)

Michael B. (Theatrical pop singer)

Gina Miles (Painfully shy & quiet teen, until she starts singing)

Tasha Jessin (Pakistani Immigrant, pop singer with a big voice. Stolen from Blake)

Ryley Tate Wilson-Playoff Pass (15 year old. This season's pop ingenue a la Carter who won a few seasons ago)



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