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S29: Jeremy Collins

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Relationship to Significant Castaway: Val Collin’s husband


Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I believe my whole make up is prime for this game. I don’t need to eat much, I am athletic and I am likeable. I also can make people feel like I like them even if I don’t which will help in blindsides.


Official CBS Bio

Another firefighter.  With a similar comment to Wes' about making people feel liked.

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I'll admit to only half watching this season, but I never realzed how ripped Jeremy was until this episode. Most of the muscle guys they cast on this show walk around shirtless preening all the time. But Jeremy seemed to keep it covered most of the time. One more reason he seemed like a standup guy. Would love to see him in an All-Star season.

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That must have been the first time Jeremy was shirtless or shirtless & wet. LOL!! Jon has been shirtless the whole time and I was impressed and then they showed Jeremy. I mean he was like some Greek god. I don't know what I'm more impressed by. That he stayed covered up the whole time or he has an 8 pack. Too bad he was sent packing so soon.

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I had mixed reactions to Jeremy.  Positive: he made some great moves, showed some excellent insights into the game, often managed/manipulated the others well. For a while it looked like he could go far. 


Negative: as a superfan, it seemed like he felt entitled.  His knock against Keith at the reunion was one example of that; his speech at FTC was another (lecturing the others how to vote); and his exit comments after getting booted were a third.  Jeremy also miscalculated with Rocker: Val got herself booted by lying about her phantom idols. 

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