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S01:E03: Taste

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Oh, I thought "I'm the reason Chrissy and John joined" was pretending to know Dre to help somehow, and then he was just mistaking her for another Black Girl. Facepalm.

I love how unrealness is creeping in with the texts from Marissa, which I didn't notice until in the elevator – I mean I saw texts before, but thought she was somehow texting herself from Marissa's phone like she did at first. 

It's becoming more and more unhinged and starting to feel like anything can happen. Scary but excited to be on this ride. 

"The drug one" rang a bit untrue. If she's such a Ni'Jah superfan I'd think she'd know Caché's songs just by, like, adjacency.

Poor George. Lol @ Jesse from Grey's Anatomy. Guess some writer has it in for him.

I'd like to reiterate my comment in an earlier episode thread about the eating. 😅 I feel like it's replaced the swarming sound in terms of signifying heightened emotional states and/or distress and instability. And now, of course, as a very direct symbol of her obsession with Ni'Jah.

Felt so glad and sad for Dre at the same time when she saw Ni'Jah. I mean, she's a hard character to root for for sure, but still.

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17 minutes ago, Cloudly said:

"The drug one" rang a bit untrue. If she's such a Ni'Jah superfan I'd think she'd know Caché's songs just by, like, adjacency.

I had the same thought! I'm not super familiar with Beyoncé's stans, but I know a little bit about Taylor Swift stans, and they're so obsessed with everything she does that they'll scrutinize the lyrics of anyone connected with her to see if they can tie them to her. If her boyfriend was making music, they'd be all over it.

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Love how the sound of buzzing bees implies that Dre is going to kill soon.  There’s a discordant note that plays sometimes, too.  Nice effect.

Good episode, but not as strong as the others.  Excellent opening scene though, with Dre fully in “kill” mode while happily mopping up the blood.  But Dre has committed several homicides now, with zero police involvement.  She must be good at flying under the radar.

I’m glad Dre spared George.  Dude just seemed too pathetic and lonely and while trapping him in a freezer (with his vice no less!) was cruel, it’s a kinder fate than the others experienced.

I know Dre is pretending that Marissa is alive and texting her, but it doesn’t explain the mysterious “follow the jacket” text in the elevator.

Wow, she really bit Na’jah.

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