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Paranormal Caught On Camera - General Discussion

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This show is my guilty pleasure. Some of it I seriously side-eye, some of it I can't find a rational explanation for but those are the ones that keep me coming back for more.

The so-called 'experts' - lol, I can take them or leave them, a couple of them are so biased in their beliefs that I cannot take any of them seriously at all. So I mostly ignore those bits of the show.

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To paraphrase someone more famous than me, "it's either ball lightning or a camera glitch" but I'll give it a 6 on the woogie boogie scale.

For most of the footage on this you really need a very vivid imagination & the ability to see things that aren't there but there is usually one of them that makes you think mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I watch it if there's nothing much else on & need something to watch at bed time.

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It seems to be the hauntings/ghost ones that tend to be the most inexplicable for me. The ufo ones....ehhhhh, most of them are too obscure to be able to make any sense of one way or another. Some of the bigfoot/cryptid stuff has been interesting, some not.

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I agree about the "experts". They know about paranormal lore, but their explanations are nothing more than guesses.  UFOs have been around forever, so the portions of the show devoted to them are a waste of time. Yeah, there are things floating around out there. 'Nuff said. Just once I wish someone who encountered a Big Foot was carrying around a DLSR camera with a telephoto lens that can actually capture the zipper running down its back. Comedian Mitch Hedberg declared that Big Foot himself is blurry, and that's why no one can find him.

Some of this footage, though, is so compelling because you can't even figure out how the incident or the being could have been faked. 

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I used to watch this if I caught it playing but I got tired of the credulity of the "experts" and end up getting so annoyed that I search online for explanations if they haven't already been debunked on another show, that is.

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On 9/13/2023 at 10:54 PM, iRarelyWatchTV36 said:

I love watching a clip get dissected on P:CoC as "soo supernatural!".

..... knowing it was already debunked as a CGI-generated hoax on The Proof Is Out There a few weeks ago.

Yeah, I got tired of that happening on this show.

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I still watch, but only for guessing which clips could maybe be actual paranormal activity and which ones are obviously hoaxed.

My biggest problem with this show is the complete and total lack of realism by 'expert' commenters.  Everything is 1,000,000% supernatural, no question about it, all the time.

Some of the clips provided are from people who are out hunting for ghosts/poltergeists/shadow people, etc, and have been on the series 5+ times already, but oh yeah, they are getting undoubtedly pure supernatural footage each and every time.  I mean, c'mon!  It's like expecting nobody to question how Zac Bagans somehow went from just a ghost hunting TV personality to a full blown conduit of & for paranormal activity.  Right.

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Are we allowed to talk about other aspects of the clips, aside from the supposed paranormal aspects of them?

Watching the Top100 Countdown marathon, and it reminded me of something that I think every time I see the segment;

Putting aside that if what was happening was paranormal was pretty creepy, can we touch on the unmissable display of child neglect in the one about the very young boy that pulls himself up and balances on the top railing of his crib for a bit?

I can't help but have questions.  Where is the parents' bedroom in relation to the boy's?  There's no room-to-room child monitors involved, especially with a static cam in there to catch what happened??  That kid is crying, wailing, and screaming before he pulls himself up on the railing, which means there's minutes of these sounds happening in total, but from all indications the parents never even rolled over in bed due to it.  The dad even comes across - as he talks about the capture(s) - as caring more about the 3 minutes of fame garnered by sharing the clips instead of the welfare of his son.

I'll get off my soap box now, but that entire segment just really irks me.

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