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S01.E02: Free Leia

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Ugh, not stoked to see Fez, but I suppose he was the last of the original main cast that needed to make an appearance. The new neighbor is incredibly similar to Midge Pinciotti in the early seasons.

I don't think they're hitting the mark with the lingo or the fashion of the mid-90s, but they sure are hitting the pop culture references hard. It seems like they made a list of references and filled in some plot around them rather than writing a good story and letting throwbacks happen more naturally. 

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Wow the wacky neighbor who lets themselves into the main characters' house whenever they want. Is it just an annoying character or is it some kind of weird satire of a 90's sitcom?

Also I am surprised that this show doesn't have a bit more of an edge considering the main characters are kids who have gotten high in both episodes so far, and they were planning on watching Clerks. Like at the very least are they not aware that you can swear on Netflix. Because between that and the one liners with laugh track, it's reminding me of when my kids used to watch Fuller House.

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