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S02.E12: The Alternate

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SUMMARY: A scientist, Dr. Mora Pol of the Bajoran Science Institute, finds a life-form in the Gamma Quadrant that may be related to Odo.


I loved the Dr. Mora episodes; it's a shame there weren't more of them during the run.

This was such a nuanced portrayal of both Dr. Pol & Odo; neither were entirely "right", but neither were they "wrong".  I thought both the script and the actors excellently captured the love/hate relationship that can fester in families who don't take the time to understand each other.


PS: Could a Mod, delete the thread I started with the wrong episode title? Sorry!!

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After hearing about him, it is nice to actually see Dr. Mora. I like how he makes a point to treat the crystal-like stuff as a sentiment being.

You got to feel for the guy. He is given some goo, and he is told that he must figure out what it is. He does not even know it is alive, let alone sentiment, and it is during the occupation.

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There was a laughingly unrealistic backdrop used on the planet they landed on in the Gamma quadrant. I guess they had better luck getting away with things like that before the days of big screen HDTV. Also, when Sisko was talking to Odo about his own father,  the way he spoke of him in the past tense suggested that Sisko's father was dead. This is the second time Sisko has mentioned his father that made it sound like he was no longer alive. The previous time, he mentioned how his father "used to" run a restaurant. When we finally meet Sisko Sr. in a later season he's alive and well and still running a restaurant. It appears they writers initially meant for the character to have been dead.

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 Yes, the dialogue in the early episode slant heavily toward him being dead.  They sort of wiggled out of it by saying he had been extremely ill.  Most of what Sisko said works if Joseph were in a coma of severely incapacitated.  

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