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S01.E05: Birthday Girl

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No matter what date I enter, I get the message "You are not over 18.  Please leave the site."   Oh, well, I wasn't going to buy any, anyway.


The same thing happened to me. Because I have no life, I persevered and eventually got through. Methinks that most potential customers will have better things to do and not be willing to devote the time it takes to just get past the screening page, let alone make a purchase!

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I just watched the episode and the absolute best, BEST scene was when the women were giving Andrea the business. "I cook AND clean." "I don't want someone else spending more time with my kids than I do." "So, when the nanny leaves, you do the rest?" "No."

"This is a checklist."


Loved it.

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Jackie and Ben absolutely ruined that beautiful painting and the artist looked horrified. That's not something he whipped up in minutes only to be ruined by those two vapid ding dongs.



Looked to me like a 10 minute knockoff of the Les Mis poster.  Still obviously superior to what the finished product was when his "clients" were done with it.

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