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S02.E02: Formation! New Team Kakashi!

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So . . . who's a bigger jerk? Danzo? The village elders? No, I'm going to go with Sai, who gets to question Naruto's balls in this uncensored version of the show. Pity poor Yamoto .. . even with sweet ninja teleportation moves, he's probably going to be wishing for his ANBU Black Ops mask back.


While I'm thinking about it . . . bare midriffs on guys: yay or nay? I'm going "nay" with Sai, myself.

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Nay--no question for me. I find Sai's bare midriff more off-putting than his fake smile or his lack of a filter. So...odd. I guess you're supposed to hate the character, but he's too much like someone I know, so I can't.


I always thought that the coolest thing about the ANBU were their teleportation skills. Poor Yamato, indeed, though I'm not sure how you prepare someone for dealings with Naruto. He really must be seen to be believed. In other news, Shizune what the hell were you thinking? I hate Danzo and those village elder creeps....weird that they all had the same plan in mind.

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(I had to give up control of the TV for part of Saturday, so the following comments are based on a fansub.)


The new guy Sai asks about Naruto's genitals. He's from Root. He's the new team member. In other words, Sai is all about PENIS. Big surprise there, belly-shirt guy.


We get our first real glimpse here of the behind the scenes politics of the Leaf. There will be more in later episodes. The episode also makes reference to some events in 3rd season Naruto, which [as] doesn't currently have licensed.


Shizune is lucky that she still has a job.


Looks like Yamato might have to slap Naruto and Sai around a little to get them to behave.

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I suspect Lady Tsunade got played here. Why does she think a Black Ops guy will help her keep tabs on another Black Ops kid?

So are the Leaf Advisors similar in role to Lady Chiyo and her brother at the Sand?

Want to bet that if Lady Tsunade came up with a different code name for Yamato, he might've revealed a different face? His current one looks so purposefully nondescript.

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Why does she think a Black Ops guy will help her keep tabs on another Black Ops kid?


Regular Anbu is directly controlled by the Hokage. She can trust them.

Kakashi is ex-Anbu.

(spoilered because I can't remember when exactly this gets revealed.)


Anbu Root is effectively a separate organization that answers only to Danzo (the guy with the bandages). She can't trust them.

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Thanks, Sandman87, that makes sense. I figure there are some gaps in my knowledge from missing the end of Naruto. And when I try to research stuff on the web, I tend to get spoilered, so I've avoided researching it too closely.

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I usually hate fanon versus canon but I really do prefer the term Root to the Foundation, the official translation for Danzo's faction. It's much more evocative of the hawkish, fundamentalist attitude.


Danzo is like the J. Edgar Hoover of the Leaf. Minus the women's clothes.

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