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S01.E06: Picture Perfect Brunch

Pop Tart
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Wow, Dominique Ansel! Now I wish they'd brought in celebrity guests the whole time. Why didn't he stick around for the second round???

The starter challenge concept is absurdly vague even for this show. "Be more spectacular" is not a very useful critique in general, even if it's to address the challenge, because the challenge is essentially "be spectacular". The title of the episode honestly makes it more clear than anything the judges said when they introduced the starter challenge. Did the show just want to avoid using the word "Instagram"? Because that's really what they're dancing around: make something people will share on IG.

Will and Sohla are kinda right about the Korean burrito not really having broken through. David Chang tried it with Momofuku Ssam Bar's original concept (it's in the name!) but had to pivot. Roy Choi has broken through with Korean-Mexican fusion but like Sohla said, Kogi really sells the tacos first. (Though I think Kogi's burritos are very dope.) But yeah, I think in those two cases they just used flour tortillas. An okonomiyaki wrap would be very interesting, though my experience is that most okonomiyakis are too inflexible to wrap without breaking.

Looks like everyone killed it on the second round. Glad they didn't make an elimination then.

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