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S01.E12: Let Sleeping Borg Lie

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Yeah, that was a really good episode. I'm impressed how good the show is at keeping serialized and episodic story-telling in balance. Zero still feels guilty about what happened to Gwyn and the two of them share some sort of special bond due to the event of last season's finale. Dal made actually some good calls thad kinda justify him being 'captain'. And Murf was speaking er... gagging for all of us who really don't want more time-travel in our sci-fi. I also enjoyed 'real' Janeway's Doc and his acerbic attitude. 

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I'm surprised that the escape pod of the relay station wasn't found (yet). Would be interesting information for Janeway. The Diviner is probably going to give all kinds of disinformation to the Dauntless crew.

It was a good episode, I enjoyed especially the parts with the "living construct" and on the Dauntless. The crew of the Protostar is suicidally brave to board a Borg cube and ask for information. The resolution was a bit easy, but then Picard and Data did much the same on TNG (putting the Borg to sleep) and Zero actually has better reasons to be able to resist the collective.

The Borg cube was suitably impressive.

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