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S01.E03: Change of Venue

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In an effort to salvage the SunCorp deal, Ingrid heads upstate with Murphy. Rachel helps a flighty heiress, and Tyler deals with major fashion drama.

streaming date: 8/26/22

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The sister is extremely annoying.

I hate triangles that have an obviously better, nicer choice only to have the lead be attractive to the broody asshole. Why do nice guys never win on these shows?

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On 8/27/2022 at 4:39 PM, twoods said:

The sister is extremely annoying.

She really is, and I hate that she swans into Ingrid's apartment and slobs it all out. I also hate how she's supposed to be so free-spirited when all she does is mooch off of her family. Really unattractive.

Why is Ingrid's paralegal so awful? Even if he is the son of some big shot, the fact that he's terrible at his job should mean he gets dumped somewhere he can't do any harm.

Way too many people on this show are condescending to an astounding degree.

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