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S05.E09: VCR Maintenance And Educational Publishing

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Well I'll be damned- I finally got sick of waiting for CityTV's website to put up the episode and acquired it through methods, and wow the timing is eerie. Saturday night, with a friend and her husband, became a board game night, and we kicked things off with a game of Party Mania... a VCR game. And it was exactly as manic as Annie and Abed's game, if with a whole lot more yelling and swearing.

Gotta say, I quite enjoyed Annie's brother, not many lines, but most of them made me laugh. :)

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This was a top notch episode. The jokes were fast-paced, the Vince Gilligan cameo was great, and the Dean's rap was unstoppable. I had to keep re-watching that clip. I think the Dean's performance is so purely Community, with the increasingly absurd/intense lyrical stylings until he drops the mic, saying, "I don't know what that was. I don't..." It just shows the superb grasp Harmon's writer's room has on these characters.

The textbook storyline was so refreshing. With so many episodes recently not focused on the actual goings on of a college, I enjoyed the familiar territory of exorbitant textbook prices, but with a Community twist.

Also, I loved meeting Anthony. To those who don't know, Anthony is played by Spencer Crittenden, a regular on Dan Harmon's weekly podcast, Harmontown. On the podcast he serves as their Dungeon Master, and he recently started working for Dan Harmon too. He's just a super cool guy who volunteered to DM on Harmontown for one session, which quickly turned into multiple sessions, and now he's basically Dan Harmon's apprentice.

Anyway, this whole episode was spot-on, and I can't wait to see their return to Dungeons & Dragons this week.

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