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S01.E04: Chapter Four: The Fe(male) Gaze

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I thought Chip was going to do something bad when Tabby came back from her panic attack, and Faran and the jock were gone, and he had all the camera stuff wrapped up  (I did not watch episode 5 yet).  But then he just left.  There were a couple of other mannerisms/expressions Chip has made, that made me start thinking he might be a little sketchy.  The way he looked at her at the prom episode, when she said she wanted to go dance with her friends.  He said it was okay, but then looked after her, in an almost sinister way.  It could just be the facial expressions that the actor is making, but I don't trust him.  And it would be a good way to try to throw us off, since they were making it like Tabby's boss at the movie theater was the "bad guy" vs. Chip's "best-friend-who-has-a-not-so-secret-crush-on-her good guy".   

The whole chase sequence with Noa on the roof, then "A" making her call the hospital and rat on her mom about the drugs (which were given to her mom by "A") finally made me feel like this is PLL.  "A" was always making them do things they didn't want to do to their friends, family, and partners.  Before this episode it seemed like they had created this generic stalker psycho and slapped the name "A" on them, so they could name it PLL.

My one complaint since episode 1 has been:  Tabby, we get it, you love horror movies!  They are beating us over the head with her movie references and meta comments.  

I'm enjoying the show overall.  I keep trying to save an episode, so that I don't have to wait a whole week for more, but I will probably end up watching episode 5 tonight!

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On 8/6/2022 at 7:03 AM, Snow Fairy said:

But A didn't give the drugs to Noa's mum. She has actually been stealing and taking them.

This A is about the truth

Thanks.  That wasn't clear to me at the time, but after watching more, I got that.  

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