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S17.E07: Around the World

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7 hours ago, realdancemom said:

Unpopular opinion but I thought Beau was fine in the VW.  Both he and Jordan were elegant especially Jordan.  She did so well with three hours practice.  I thought the weakest dance last week was the salsa.  But I also think Jonathan/Oksana's salsa choreography is like Dorian Sanchez' disco choreography.  Just because you can put lifts doesn't mean we don't want to see more salsa or disco.  Plus we don't want to injure the kids with some of their lifts.  Jonathan/Oksana are not as bad as Dorian but they do tend to put too much emphasis on lifts.

ETA - Carter looked like an awkward duck doing salsa as well as a cheerleader.

I agree. I didn’t mind Beau at all in that waltz.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who missed the salsa in that salsa; I was wondering if it was just my untrained eye. 

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I agree with all of the above posts about how this season is too short, too rushed, too compressed.  And I really miss the hundred dancers battling it out in Vegas.

I was captivated by the Viennese waltz even though there wasn't much waltz.  The Bocelli music and the lovely choreography and costuming and the fact that Jordan (especially) and Beau were terrific all did it for me.  I had chills.  So I was sad that Jordan was auf'ed.  She deserved better.  

I already know that Beau is going to go all the way because he's not that great a dancer (waltz excepted) and he has PERSONALITY so it will be an INSPIRATION to all of us rubes.

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On 6/30/2022 at 9:27 PM, blackrose602 said:

So much this. I grew up in the Orlando theater/theme park scene, and we call them "Kids of the Kingdom." They're the dancers who perform in front of Cinderella's Castle and are just so over the top it's ridiculous. Not a fan.

I don't get Beau at all. He's fun, he's a good performer, but he is NOT a dancer. I almost feel like they're exploiting him, and it's uncomfortable to watch. The choreographers are choreographing down to him (there was very little waltz in that "Viennese waltz") and the judges keep gushing about how he's breaking boundaries. What boundaries exactly? They've had people without traditional dancer bodies. They've certainly had plenty of gay dancers. It's not fair to the far better dancers who were cut, and it's really not fair to him either. I know it's America's Favorite Dancer, not America's Best Dancer, but I think he's the first they've ever had who literally wasn't an expert in ANY style. The whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I can't stand the whole new format. It feels rushed and it feels incredibly overproduced. And I HATE that the studio audience votes, and the judges get one commercial break to decide who to send home. The judges on this show have always tried to throw different dancers under the bus, but when "America" votes, there are enough votes to overcome the judges' shenanigans. I feel like the studio audience feels obligated to vote for whoever the judges are gushing over that night...and to NOT vote for whoever the judges decided should go.

Speaking of the judges, I'm losing respect for Twitch, who I've always loved. Jojo and Leah are awful, and I feel like he's sliding down to their level. I think what's really missing is an actual judge. Someone who's judged dance before, either as a DanceSport judge or as a professional choreographer. This trio is just out of their depth, and it's making me really miss Nigel and Mary and even Mia. I don't particularly care what they "like." I have eyes and a dance background. I can decide what I like. I want someone to point out what was executed correctly and what wasn't.

Ugh. I was so excited for this show to come back. And I'll see it through. But I really hope they make some serious changes for next season. I'm finding myself more frustrated than anything else.

So. Much. This!

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On 7/2/2022 at 8:16 PM, rlc said:

Meh. Jordon is a stunning and well trained dancer, but considering that Beau is supposed to be Mr Personality, I’d like to see more than that constipated look on his face. I remain completely unimpressed by Beau and I’m sad that he will likely win.


If Beau wins, I'm afraid there will be a mass exodus of dance fans who USED TO LOVE this show. I will probably be one of them.

As an aside.......I was a devout DWTS fan and never ever missed one episode from the first episode of the first season. As soon as Tom Bergeron was fired, I have not watched another show since. The reason for this rant.....when I say I will not be watching anymore, I will not. If Beau wins, I'm out!

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