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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] Alphabetical Listings

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What determines if a show is listed by the "article" in the listings? Such as a show may be named "The Leaves" but be listed with the shows that start with the letter "L". Then, a show named "The Cones" may be listed with the show names that start with "T"...

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When it is part of your selected My Shows pile, and only that pile, the sorting takes out "a", 'an", and 'the' if any of those are the first words of a show title. Only for sorting purposes though.

For all other displays, sorting it is what it is - and that's manually placed/set by the administrators creating the forums (literally drag/drop where they want in the list).

If there are inconsistencies there e.g. in the comedy forum you'll see "The Whatevers" placed in the T's but maybe "The Whosits" in the W's, you'd need to ping a mod or admin and berate them or something.

lemme @ @SilverStormm for ya

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What the site badly needs is an alphabetical listing of ALL shows. “All” meaning even the shows relegated to the “other” and special event, etc categories. I’ve sent several friends to this site over the years and they weren’t able to easily find the shows they wanted. Imo it would increase this site’s traffic if all shows could be very easily found.

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There is... and you can find it if you want to... but the links there are all for directly following shows and that's all it does - pops up the follow dialog on the show. 

I could link those out but I think I'd want to maybe cache the show list maybe - there are a lot of shows... <asterisk>

* -> The Shows application that makes this possible is not mine, but the author is palsies with me and she's got stuff going on (some being serious) so I "have the power" right now and I do have to do stuff with the app but I'm trying to tread lightly and not bull in a china shop the thing. What you asked isn't a hard ask, so doable by me of course, but then we gotta link this index obviously somewhere and does the site power-that-is want this and so forth.

I'll ask.

EDIT: And if you do find this, and are using the new theme, you'll be viewing a hot mess 😄

MOAR EDIT: Yes, some users are using the new theme now, and soon, everyone will...

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I went ahead and made the changes:


This is NOT LIVE here on this site. You'll get this when the new theme and so forth are released publicly. The flags in front of each show title will, if you are a registered member and signed in, when clicked, follow the show and add it to your pile. The actual show names are now linked out to their respective forums.

Also those shows aren't real.

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