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S02.E01: The New Target

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New season, familiar faces. First, we have to put Kakashi in the hospital thanks to his Sharrigan overload and whiplash from his piggyback ride with Might Guy. Then we say hi to Kiba, Shino, Akamaru, and Hinata. Poor, stupid, lovelorn Hinata. Then we get to see Shikamaru again, along with Choji, who's got cooler hair and a Partial Expansion Jutsu down pat. Finally, Sai makes his move, attacking by drawing beasts and siccing them on the trio. Oh, and there's no Ino. We're not too heartbroken about that, right?


Poor Shino . . . does anybody care about him? I see him as more than being the "freaky bug guy" of the Leaf, but I don't think Kishimoto gives a crap about him. For Pete's sake, his opponent in the Chunin Exams got backstory information over him. Maybe it's because Kiba and Hinata are cuter than him. Hell, I got this sketch of Kiba and Akamaru because I found them to be cute together.


Oh, and you wouldn't know from Toonami's fiddling, but we have new credits. This is "Distance" by Long Shot Party. It features Sai, another new dude, and Kabuto and Orochimaru. BTW, does anybody know how to embed Youtube videos here?

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Shino reminds me of Chad.


The sound effect they used made it sound like Kakashi hit his head on the underside of the gate when Guy stood up. Maybe that contributed to his hospitalization.


Naruto is still trying to catch a glimpse of Kakashi's face.


Sakura and whats-her-name need to go back to ninja school if even Naruto is able to sneak up on them.

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I liked catching up on Natuto's former classmates. Too bad everyone grew up except Hinata.

Didn't we meet older Ino at the beginning of Shippuden S1? Or am I imagining it?

Not sure I'm going to like Sai, but I am intrigued by the art-based attack.

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