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S01.E15: Special Operations Squad: Prelude to the Counterattack, Part 2

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For those who haven't heard, Toonami will run a marathon of Attack on Titan episodes 1-12 on August 30. Here's the proof. I wish they would save the marathon for after the season is over. Oh, well. :)


On tonight's episode, we're introduced to Levi and his squad and Hange provides exposition about titan research.


It's a conspiracy! Who killed the research titans? Hange was irritating with all the hysterics.

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I find the Titan science fascinating, so I wish I'd been there instead of Eren.

We still don't know what Hange wants Eren for, but my thought is that she wants to experiment on a "friendly" Titan. Although he may not stay that way if she tries the same experiments....

It's hard to see the killing of the research titans as anything but a warning to Eren.

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I've been trying to think of all the possible motives for killing the captive Titans, but there's so many that it's just as bad as not being able to think of any at all:

  • Someone hates Titans.
  • Someone hates Hange.
  • Someone felt sorry for the two Titans and put them out of their misery.
  • Someone wants to prevent Hange from learning some critical fact about Titans.
  • Someone is trying to undermine the Scouts however they can.
  • Someone is trying to frame someone else.
  • The Titans killed themselves somehow.

And so on...

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Marathon? Awesome. I'm going to be going away that weekend, and that means I don't have to record the episodes for the other shows. That would have taken a huge chunk of DVR space, but now I don't need to sweat it.


Topic? Right . . . I think I have a new favorite character in Hange. She's just so loopy, especially with the Titans. She'll probably wind up hurting Eren, but it's not like she'd kick the shit out of him while he's shackled, Levi.

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