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S1.E05: Summer Catch

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Believing that Conrad might act on his feelings for her, Belly makes a decision. But when Belly and Conrad finally get a chance to talk, things don’t go as she expected, and she wonders if she’s had her eye on the wrong Fisher brother. Steven is assigned to work the poker room at the country club, and Laurel and Susannah have a night out.

Original airdate 6/17/22

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1 hour ago, WatcherUatl10 said:

until the scene where she went and asked Jere about the non-kiss. She clearly was aware of how he felt, and how hard that was for him, but she used her new-found "power" to twist the knife

Agree so much on this!!! Is she even aware of Jere's feelings and what he's been through? The audacity of her to ask why he wouldn't kiss her!!! How would he even be ok with that after everything that's happened?

I knew this would happen. When Conrad pushes her away she tends to default back to getting closer with Jeremiah and in the process he falls more in love with her and when she's done with him, she goes back to Conrad like nothing happened resulting in Jere getting hurt all over again...

She absolutely has no regard for anyone except herself and is clearly messing with everyone's fellings. It's infuriating honestly...

Also on an unrelated note, this is the topic for S1Ep5. We're discussing S2Ep5 here instead!🤣

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