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S18.E09: Rip Tide

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Mandy's pregnancy complication was a 10 minute concern.    

Jake done fucked up.   You don't mess with a cursed boat.   Who knows what could happen not that he literally tangled with Rip's boat.

But c'mon, "I hate to radio fish?"   Dude, every single season you are on the phone with someone asking where the crab are.  

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Goodness, the disinformation flowed like a rogue wave in this one.

Nice to have a tried and true greenhorn narrative.  Good on Will.

Sig steaming away from a bounty?  No specifics as to how much time he carved out in the event Clark had to bail out?  How about how much time to the airport from their new grounds?  Silly, Lonesome.  Trix are for kids.

How many pots tangled between the Saga and PL?  Why not show a graphic as to precisely how Jake accounted for other strings when he dropped his?  I actually believe him when he said he consciously plotted his strings.  Odds on each of them pulling in the best strings/pots they had ever seen?

Funny how there was not a single mention of meeting a cannery delivery nor the looming closure of the various harvest seasons.  

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