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S02.E19: A Matter of Miles

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Stella and Colton plan a Walker/Davidson family dinner. Meanwhile, Liam gets an unlikely ally when trying to prove that the Davidson’s were up to no good on the day Cordell raced for the ranch and Cassie vows to learn the truth about the last case her previous partner was working on.

Airdate: 06/16/2022

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Another Jared-light episode. Hopefully by next week he'll be back in full force because it just feels wrong not having him front and center during this crazy time for his family.

Stella, you're cute but dumb. It's one thing to be dating Colton, because he seems to be the one decent member of his family, but it's another try to try get the families together to be nice to one another. Liam had good reason to try to get the dinner going in order to try to get the Davidsons to slip up about the race, but Stella seems genuinely invested in trying to make peace. Of course, it goes as well as could be expected.

Geri is getting on my last nerve. I am still steamed at how she all but cut the Walkers out of her life in order to facilitate bonding with her birth family, seeming to forget how the Walkers have embraced her for the whole of her life and that the Davidsons have been stomping all over the Walkers from the instant they showed up. She just can't seem to grasp that the Davidsons are not good people, but... family. Of course, Gale and Denise are putting on their best faces around Geri, but she's not stupid and knows what the Davidsons have done to the Walkers. It's only when Gale said something sketchy that pertained directly to her that she starts to have questions. Nice sense of loyalty to people who genuinely love her.

Gale can go find the nearest Saguaro cactus and sit on it without pants. What a nasty, vindictive, self-absorbed bitch. Getting the Walker ranch was all about screwing over the family that she felt screwed hers over. She's got zero interest in actually running the ranch and maintaining it. It's just about erasing any evidence that the Walkers were there. Destroying Abby's vegetable garden was not just petty, but stupid and Abby was right to call her out. Nothing will satisfy Gale and she's all about destroying and not building. Winning over Geri seems to be at least as much about taking something else away from the Walkers as it is getting her daughter back (and if Geri's suspicions bear out that Gale knew that Geri was alive... yikes).

And Denise... you can go fuck yourself too. You tried to railroad Bonham on a murder charge and the Walkers should rightfully have sued her for malicious prosecution since 1) she was dead wrong and 2) had a personal interest in the case. It was so big of Denise to admit that she was wrong but still... you can join your mom on that cactus.

Cassie's old partner certainly brought a huge mess of trouble into their lives and that was a hell of a firefight. Curious to see how this plays out.

Hopefully the Davidsons will be wrapped up and sent packing soon. Although Colton and Dan can stay. 

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I've suspected since day one that Gale was behind her husbands death, and now I am even more sure. The woman is so spiteful I can totally see her killing her husband if she felt that she had been wronged. Her tearing up those flower beds, while low on the crime scale if she was behind the fire, is just so petty, I cant stand her. She just wants to destroy everything the Walkers have done and take everything they have ever had, not because she wants to do anything with it, but because she's so bitter and spiteful. 

I was originally pretty understanding of Gerri wanting to know her biological family, even with the family feud, but she is turning such a blind eye to their obvious sketchiness while being so cold to the Walkers I've gotten annoyed. So what if she shares blood with these people? The Walkers have been her family for years, who cares who she's related to, especially when her bio family is doing so many awful things to the people she grew up with? Its taken their sketchiness literally starring her in the face to get her to finally understand. 

Speaking of sketchiness, Casey's old boss was a real scumbag, I don't care what he thought he was doing, sleeping with a woman after convincing her that her husband, his friend, was dead is majorly fucked up. I am glad that Casey got closure with her missing partner, but I hope that the next big bad isn't some untouchable super conspiracy. Those almost end up being SO boring. 

I hope they send the Davidson's packing, except for Colton. And hopefully Dan will sign those divorce papers and leave now that he knows how little his wife cares about him, even after everything he did to try and get her back. 

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