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The Official Books

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I looked but didn't see a topic for this so I thought I'd start one.. So far I've read the one about Terry Ives, Suspicious Minds and Runaway Max. I have the one about Hopper on my phone and I've started it. Who else has read them and what do you think?

I really enjoyed the book about Terry. I thought it was a good backstory but now I wonder how it fits in with all the kids we meet in season for.

Runaway Max gave background on the Max/Billy relationship I wish we'd seen in the show.. The book says Official, but the ages of Max and Billy when they meet is very different than what El sees in Billy's memory. Still it was an interesting read.

Hopper's story I'm struggling to get into 

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I've read Suspicious Minds, Darkness on the Edge of Town and a few of the comics, all from my local library or a partner library. Of them, my favorite so far has been Suspicious Minds mostly because it focuses on an unseen aspect of the show (Terry Ives involvement with Dr. Brenner's experiments and El's dad). I feel like it could be canon, but wouldn't be surprised if they completely ignored stuff. One of the comics I read was Six and while I enjoyed it, I definitely think that's on the "no way that happened" pile after season 4. 

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